[EMBER] One Punch Man (2019) (Season 2+Specials) [BDRip] [1080p Dual Audio HEVC 10 bits] (OPM 2)

2020-11-12 17:04 UTC
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## `One Punch Man S02+SP 1080p Dual Audio BDRip 10 bits DD x265-EMBER` ___ **General** | **Video** | **Audio** | **Subtitle** --- | --- | --- | --- **File Name:** S02E12-The Wiping of the Disciple's Butt.mkv | **Format:** HEVC[x265] | **Format:** AC-3 | **Format:** ASS+PGS **Size:** 696 MiB | **Profile:** Main 10@L4.1@High | **Bit rate:** 192 kb/s | **Language:** English-Signs [L.Y@GJM & USBD] + Dialogue [GJM & USBD] **Duration:** 23 min 50 s | **Resolution:** 1920x1080 pixel | **Channel:** 2.0 | **Chapters:** Included **Overall bit rate:** 4 084 kb/s | **DAR:** 16:9 | **Sample Rate:** 48.0 kHz | --- --- | **Frame Rate:** 23.976 FPS | **Language:** Japanese+English | --- --- | **Bit Depth:** 10 bits | --- | --- #### *Source:* `US BDMV | Credit-jdcox215` | *Encoder:* `EMBER` | **Discord Server Link:** [![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/05/01/daa030c392e0b198d33c643bdd1be2e4.png "Join EMBER")](https://discord.gg/ZtZXgJNc3M "Discord") #### **Weekly Release's DDL can be found in --->** [![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/05/01/f49fb3a79b507dbb6c7f2cc05856ab2e.png "Join EMBER")](https://t.me/EMBER_Encodes "EMBER_TG") ___ ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/11/12/34c730b5ef081f14009d5e8083e1e724.png "SCREENS") ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/11/12/2bfb322974dece6d4851fcc2e132942a.png "SCREENS") ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/11/12/45fe34c0798bee1567264cfc534b4a40.png "SCREENS") ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/11/12/608b2cff9969c46afac6b15f01120cb5.png "SCREENS") ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/11/12/c5ec35930ea083c0f6950b06f59fa156.png "SCREENS") ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/11/12/21aa3bd17a0d59c85b27a6610c2b84c8.png "SCREENS") ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/11/12/9fc584ff4e4c0b84fb0f8c5eb8f61889.png "SCREENS")

File list

  • One Punch Man S02+SP 1080p Dual Audio BDRip 10 bits x265-EMBER
    • Extras
      • S02SP01-Saitama and Those With Reasonable Abilities.mkv (232.2 MiB)
      • S02SP02-Old Dudes and Fishing.mkv (409.4 MiB)
      • S02SP03-Genos and Memory Loss.mkv (210.9 MiB)
      • S02SP04-Games and Rivals.mkv (297.4 MiB)
      • S02SP05-Puri Puri Prisoner and the Escaped Prisoners.mkv (223.0 MiB)
      • S02SP06-The Zombieman Murder Case 2 ~A Chalet Amid the Blizzard, and the Ones Bothered by the Cold.mkv (219.3 MiB)
    • OPM S02 1080p Dual Audio BDRip 10 bits DD x265-EMBER
      • S02E01-Return of the Hero.mkv (488.1 MiB)
      • S02E02-The Human Monster.mkv (532.5 MiB)
      • S02E03-The Hunt Begins.mkv (461.9 MiB)
      • S02E04-The Metal Bat.mkv (544.1 MiB)
      • S02E05-The Martial Arts Tournament.mkv (521.0 MiB)
      • S02E06-The Monster Uprising.mkv (489.8 MiB)
      • S02E07-The Class S Heroes.mkv (468.5 MiB)
      • S02E08-The Resistance of the Strong.mkv (529.7 MiB)
      • S02E09-The Troubles of the Strongest.mkv (349.7 MiB)
      • S02E10-Justice Under Siege.mkv (500.4 MiB)
      • S02E11-The Varieties of Pride.mkv (627.9 MiB)
      • S02E12-The Wiping of the Disciple's Butt.mkv (696.2 MiB)
Do you upload your batches to Mega or GoogleDrive? Cuz I'd really like this one.
Hi, I thought you might want to know that there's no need to create two completely different torrents for Nyaa and Anidex - you can reuse the same one. In fact, having two different torrents separates sharers into two separate swarms, which restricts sharing and means your torrents are less likely to live longer.

Ember_Encodes (uploader)

@SSJG182 yes we do, join our discord to get the links @Nyan we tried it, doesn't work/couldn't make it work ;)
Hi. Why does this bluray release have different saturation (not sure if that is the right word, its just that the colors are a bit different) than most of the others? I'm not complaining, I just like to compare them. Thanks.
uhm, excuse me but why there are no complete r2 bd rip releases of this yet. I don't prefer r1 releases, any explanations?
For some reason I am having difficulty playing the third episode in VLC media player as it puts a strain on the program and won't let me change volume / set subtitles & what_not.