[FemboyFilms] Pokemon 4Ever Trailer [35mm 1920x1080 H.264 FLAC]

2020-11-12 08:27 UTC
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I run a small group which scans and restores film prints of anything, but specifically western animation and anime. The meme name is FemboyFilms, but we'll probably rebrand later if we go pro with this. A while back we tracked down a 35mm print of the American Pokemon 4Ever trailer. Got it scanned at 4K and restored/color corrected it, as well as adjusted exposure and contrast. The original print's colors were very, very faded so the color correction was a bit intense. References to bring the colors back to their natural state we used were a YouTube upload of the same trailer (source being most likely an R1 DVD), as well as the colors on the Japanese Blu-ray, although our final output wasn't exactly the same as either of these references. Some shots were much more difficult to properly correct than others, so please forgive if there is anything off about them. The original trailer was mostly matted for 16:9 screens in theatres, but some graphics and the green band at the beginning were actually full frame. For this release, we decided to crop it down to what you would see in an actual theatre back in 2001. Cropping a small part of the image is sadly necessary for this, but it's as authentic to the cinema experience as possible. That was our goal here. Aside from the colors, nothing else was altered prior to encoding. No additional filtering was applied to the image. Color correction was done using the raw scan file directly in DaVinci Resolve, and encoded in H.264 from there as well. The audio is the optical track on the 35mm print, encoded to FLAC from the original LPCM. Some comparisons to the original colors and the color correction can be found here. https://imgsli.com/MjkzMDA https://imgsli.com/MjkzMDE https://imgsli.com/MjkzMDU https://imgsli.com/MjkzMDY You can learn more about us and our process, including future projects and scans, on our Twitter. https://www.twitter.com/femboyfilms Thank you!

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since i found you guys on twitter, i was already excited for the dr slump special. but now this out of nowhere :D nice great job

dubudavid (uploader)

@Porenta Thank you for the support! We appreciate it and hope to be doing this for a long time!
keep femboy tag pls

dubudavid (uploader)

We'll probably keep the tag for releases but operate under a more professional name elsewhere in due time lmfao
This looks good. The color correction looks phenomenal!
I like how professional companies like Q Tec getting there ass beat in visual quality by a scanning group named fuckin "Femboy Films". Keep up the great work!

dubudavid (uploader)

Funny thing is, despite the colors being good, Q-Tec's scan of this film in particular (as usual) is blurry garbage.
just came here for the group's name XD