(PC) Atelier Original Arland Trilogy DX

2020-11-10 10:13 UTC
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16.6 GiB
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This pack contains the original Arland DX games only. Once finished to download these games, please don't forget to seed. These games are owned by Koei Tecmo and Gust. Note: ALWAYS click on the little square in the option “Copy contents of CODEX directory to installdir” and then click on “Install”.

File list

  • (PC) Atelier Original Arland Triology DX
    • plaza-atelier.meruru.the.apprentice.of.arland.dx.iso (5.9 GiB)
    • plaza-atelier.rorona.the.alchemist.of.arland.dx.iso (6.2 GiB)
    • plaza-atelier.totori.the.adventurer.of.arland.dx.iso (4.5 GiB)
How does this start? Steam opens
That means you forgot to check to copy the codex (or Plaza) files into install directory, it's starting Steam because you didn't apply the crack which Codex (or Plaza) always has an option toward the bottom where it mentions not creating start menu entries, you must be new to these kinds of installers or you didn't look through all of the available options the installers have. User error, the installers work as intended. Though honestly this is the uploaders fault for not giving proper instructions on how to use the ISO images and how to apply the included crack that they all come with in the ISO image, while the ISO image is still mounted you can copy the crack files manually yourself and apply them, open file explorer and find the virtual drive you have the ISO image mounted to and browse it, you should see a folder called Codex (or Plaza) inside it, that is the crack, copy all contents and paste them to the install directory of the game and overwrite all files if asked to.
@Shaun >this is the uploaders fault what a retarded thing to say, if you are using piracy to get a game over buying it then it is your own obligation to educate yourself. Google is not difficult to use, don't blame general stupidity on the uploader. This isn't even a convoluted crack it is very common.
Just because you think it is very common that doesn't mean there will be users who know nothing about it, you should've just kept that comment to yourself, it's unhelpful and completely unnecessary.

Mysticus (uploader)

@Shaun Mor1din1 is right. You shouldn't criticize about me just because I have slow internet connection. Just shut up and go criticize to somebody else.