Dororon Enma-kun (1973) [TSHS] episodes 01-05 (720p)

2020-10-31 17:15 UTC
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![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( ![pic]( A few years back I subtitled some random episodes of this classic Go Nagai horror series, about a demon prince from the Underworld who hunts down renegade Yokai that are wreaking havoc on Earth. Now I’m going back and remastering these episodes using the heponeko 720p encodes, and filling in some of the gaps while I’m at it. I’ve talked before about how Toei Animation started doing some really innovative work with color in the early 1970s. Dororon Enma-kun is a very good example of this, with some amazing use of color both in the ink & paint department and the backgrounds. These episodes looked great on DVD, but the HD versions look even better.

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  • Dororon Enma-kun (1973) [TSHS] episodes 01-05 (720p)
    • Dororon Enma-kun (1973) [TSHS] episode 01 (720p) [ED98123A].mkv (367.3 MiB)
    • Dororon Enma-kun (1973) [TSHS] episode 02 (720p) [89289ACB].mkv (407.8 MiB)
    • Dororon Enma-kun (1973) [TSHS] episode 03 (720p) [991F0FD6].mkv (380.7 MiB)
    • Dororon Enma-kun (1973) [TSHS] episode 04 (720p) [0FC8CFF3].mkv (415.5 MiB)
    • Dororon Enma-kun (1973) [TSHS] episode 05 (720p) [DF007673].mkv (344.3 MiB)
Been really hopeful that Discotek might pick this up. Are you going to work on the whole series i.e all the gaps?