[Kuraze] 11人いる! / They Were Eleven! (DVD 710x480 H264 Hi10p AC3)

2020-10-28 22:01 UTC
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![alt text](https://img.mandarake.co.jp/webshopimg/03/00/362/0300025362/03000253623.jpg "DVD Cover") Category | Technical Specifications --- | :---: **Source(s)** | R1 DVD **Video** | 710 x 480 (Anamorphic 4:3) / H264 10-Bit *(~2400 kbps)* / 23.976fps **Audio** | Japanese 2ch AC3 *(192 kbps)* / English 2ch AC3 *(192 kbps)* **Subtitles** | Modified R1 Styled English *(ASS)* / Signs Only *(ASS)* / Original English *(Vobsub)* / Signs Only *(Vobsub)* [**Movie Information**](https://anidb.net/a1869) [**Encode Comparison**](https://slow.pics/c/UPHuExih) **Filters used:** Checkmate / DFMDeRainbow / FineDehalo **Notes:** An updated encode for this classic SF film. Some minor derainbowing, dot crawl removal, and halo elimination was performed on the footage as well as partial blended frame cleanup. Subtitles were overhauled by me to included various QC fixes to the retail script, add several missing lines, typesetting, and retiming. Also a signs-only track is included along with the original unmodified vobsubs. DVD extra included.

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I really love this film. Thanks. EDIT: R.I.P. to that vent in the lower-left corner on the 4th set. May its sacrifice be remembered.
The original Along Us animation.

Kuraze (uploader)

@type17_RAIDEN Hmm, could have been a side-effect of image softening due to the light dehalo'ing. I still think I struck a good balance of maximizing detail preservation while cleaning up some issues with the source. If I could obtain the R2J DVD further improvements might be possible.
@Kuraze Last time I saw this movie was a VHS copy I have somewhere (probably with my VHS box set of Galaxy Express 999)... From wut I remember, the noise (grain & shit) was horrid. This is rather nice, so danke schön.
@Kuraze Not a massive issue, really, still looks quite better then either E-D or SSP-Corp, I just thought it was funny. Hopefully this film gets a BluRay release one day.
An underrated classic of the Agatha Christie in space microgenre!
This one doesn't get enough love ... thanks for posting!