[KiruaSubs][Edited waifusims] Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Fine - Saekano the Movie Finale (Subs File)

2020-10-28 00:09 UTC
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This might have been done before, but I honestly didn't find satisfying subs laying around for this movie yet, so I took the liberty of editing waifusims's subs -which were mostly okay- to help a friend watch the movie and thought I'd share it here. I fixed some typos, but mostly some small mistranslations, and touched up the phrasing of some lines too. My main concern with this release was to clean it from the few mistranslations it had and to make the dialogue flow better. It's just a fast thing I didn't put *that much* effort into, but I think that it's good enough to enjoy the movie. I didn't fix any timing issues if there were any in waifusims's subs. Feel free to use this release and do with it what you want, just credit me if you do so. Any feedback is welcome, but I doubt I'll be spending any more time on this to be honest. (Also, Megumi best girl)

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  • Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Fine - Saekano the Movie Finale.ass (159.3 KiB)
You should mark this torrent as a remake.

Killua69100 (uploader)

@herks thanks for the heads up, done.
But you could've edit this one (it's timed, edited and typesetted): https://nyaa.si/view/1288852 PS: did you translate the songs? Ty.

Killua69100 (uploader)

@Kamiyan93 thanks for the tip, I should have probably worked on that one, you're right. I checked like 4 releases and found none of them satisfying and thus decided to edit the best one (which I thought was waifusims's one). The one you linked must have slipped past me. I gave it a quick check and it seemed decent too. As for the songs, no I'm sorry I didn't translate them, thus they're not in these subs. Honestly I wouldn't have been able to do them Karaoke style even if I translated them so eh (I usually work with a team of experienced people who help me with this, but this time I was alone for this). It's really just something I did for a friend to make sure some jokes/nuances weren't lost in translation, and thought I'd share here just in case. I put it here in hopes that someone would possibly edit/typset it.