Iwaihime + Extra Chapter: Musubihime / 祝姫 [Visual Novel; English, Japanese, Chinese]

2020-10-27 02:33 UTC
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![Image](https://i.postimg.cc/TPXdVGQG/c.png) **Title**: Iwaihime **Original title**: 祝姫 **Length**: Medium (10 - 30 hours) **Year**: Japan 2016-01-29, English PC Version 2020-10-23 **Developer**: DMM GAMES **Publishers**: Lemnisca LLC & ShiraVN **Language**: English, Japanese, Chinese **Voice**: Japanese **Description**: Each generation, the sons of the Susuhara family strike out on their own when they reach the right age. Self-reliantly they refine their minds and their bodies, until at last they become men. Suzumu has prepared for this day for a long time, learning the skills that he will need. Living alone, he attends Susuda Prefectural High School. He should have joined as a freshman, and not as a transfer—but he was delayed. His days are not only easy but pleasant. In his Class 2-A, everyone is having fun. But there's her. Toé Kurokami. She's... certainly a wonder. How else to describe her? She never lets go of the Japanese doll that she hugs constantly to her chest. There are whispers that its hair grows when nobody is looking. That it's cursed. It's no wonder they whisper. That's one creepy doll. That Suzumu's path crosses hers could be fate... Could be? Not “could be.” It's fate. **Important**: 1. No need to install. **!!!** An option will appear in the main menu screen for Musubihime after you finish the main game. **Screenshots**: ![Image](https://s2.vndb.org/sf/83/140783.jpg) ![Image](https://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/1372300/ss_d5d494f2c7ad04d7c770277e9a8939bd72b81592.1920x1080.jpg) ![Image](https://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/1372300/ss_55ad2f0f7af88ddfee69ed44cb88966852c31bb4.1920x1080.jpg)

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Thanks, I'll check this out.
I got Japanese version of this game but never had a chance to read it. A lot of good VNs getting out. It might be worth to read this month. I want to play more scary stuff. :)
Linear Plot, Unavoidable Heroine Rape, Heroine with Psychological Problems, Death of Protagonist, Genocide, Gore, Desperation, Madness..... Yeah, I don't think this is my kind of game.
@superelmo Are you going to do the tenshi series as will and also the sono hanabira 13 to 16? and also the the new generation 2 of the series? By any chance do you habe a discird group i can't reach you lol
@SomeHobo ya really should watch your spoilers when commenting lol. thanks for letting me know the protagonist dies
@SomeHobo dude, stop spoiling
@SomeHobo lol seems like you haven't read any of Ryukishi's previous works