[mal lu zen] One Piece - 947 [720p] [H.265 8bit] [HEVC]

2020-10-25 21:27 UTC
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Video Format : x265 HEVC MKV Audio: Japanese AAC (Same as source) Source: [Erai-raws] (1.3 GiB) Subtitles: English [IF YOU LIKE THESE RELEASES PLEASE SEED] Don’t stop torrent when your download is done. #### Enjoy ## Join *** ### [Discord](https://discord.gg/Ga5dMgx)

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  • [mal lu zen] One Piece - 947 [720p].mkv (174.7 MiB)
do you have episodes 892 up to current episodes in your lovely small size 720p format? AnimeRG is dead since 2018, they stop at 892 and i want to keep my archive at 720p with small file sizes

Mal_lu_zen (uploader)

Ok will upload soon 892 -927 with the Erai-raws subs
i joined your Discord the reason i ask for that batch is because i wanted a small size to archive with the 15 files from One Piece Cut to manga blog [ https://cuttomangaanime.blogspot.com/2018/03/updates.html ],unfortinately that project is on hold becuase Blog owner is waiting for Funimation Punk Hazard ARC Dub, so i used AnimeRG 720p Rips to fill the gaps where he ended. now combined with your Encodes i can be up to date with a great file size for on the go Thanks in Advance also i think if you made a Torrent batch from 892-950, which would Succeed this torrent: [AnimeRG] One Piece (Season 19) Whole Cake Island (Episodes 783-891) [1080p] [Multi-Sub] [HEVC] [x265] [pseudo] since that uploader took a break from his work, your encodes are the closest to his file sizes or just wait until the Wano Arc Finishes Then make a (Season 20) batch this series might end in 2025.....240+- episodes left.....