Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Complete Series.

2020-10-22 06:25 UTC
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Full series, volumes 1 to 15 are the yenpress version; 8.5,16 to 32 + the SAO crossovers have good quality don't know if they are MTL but I'm currently reading Vol 32 and seems pretty good. I'll try and search for Magian Company. Hope you enjoy

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You might want to upload these as individual volumes
If anyone's wondering the files inside the rar are all epub's. Also yeah volumes from like 20 onwards are (edited) mtl
This was the LN I ever read after watching the anime. But later OniisamaTL stopped translating and YP took over;they are trash, not gonna read anything translated from Japanese that destroys the whole relationship dynamic of Main Characters by changing the Honorifics! Second season is ongoing but I don't like the later Arcs cause the story becomes too stretched and too many side plotes and characters;also it turns the Homey and cozy into something impersonal and apathetic. After volume 19 the later volumes are first MTLed into Russian by a Russian group and then it's MTLed into English, after that they manually edited them a bit; I found them in 2018 but couldn't stomach the translation.
Quality from 16 onwards is bad. Sentences translated too directly, bad choice of words and English grammar is horrible.
As a native Russian speaker myself I can confidently say that 16 and later are horrible MTLs from bad Russian translations. Don't read it if you were drawn in by OnisamaTL's magical work on first volumes