Digital Devil Story Megami Tensei (1987) (DVDRip 720x480p x265 HEVC AC3 2.0)[sxales]

2020-10-22 04:04 UTC
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![alt text]( "Cover") > Handsome high school student Akemi is a computer genius. One day a new girl, Yumiko, transfers to his class from another school. She quickly falls in love with Akemi but, absorbed in his computers, he pays her no attention at all. > >The reason for his absorption is the monster he has created with those same computers. Digital Devil has become his own evil genie., and Akemi summons this devil after school and sets it to work wreaking revenge on his enemies.... [source anidb]( Encoded from the R2J DVD. Single Audio: Japanese (Stereo Dolby Digital AC3). I don't remember where I got the subtitles for this one. With luck, I'll have one more batch of horror anime before Halloween. Including a few h-anime so check Sukebei for those. [DDL]( I would appreciate any help seeding.

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Good morning ... Do you have Princess Minerva?!
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@sasukeuc princess minerva would be great Also sxale i know i annoying you but would you please done dear brother (onisama e)
@sxales any plans on releasing the entire Space Adventure Cobra collection? Also is the 1080p version of the movie better than 4k?
Are you going to do season 2? I’ve been waiting for so many months. Please, I would really appreciate it a lot :)
@sxales Thank you so much for the hard work, will you be posting the rest of lupin specials? and Ken the rest of the movies?
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