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2020-10-18 00:28 UTC
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This took a little longer than I thought it would. I ended up having to re-time the entire thing three times due to a bug in Aegisub that it took me a while to notice. I was testing out different raw sources, and Aegisub utterly failed to read one of them properly, resulting in not only the video and audio views being out of sync, but also sped up audio in the timing view. I couldn't go back to the old times because I had made too many other changes by the time I noticed this. Video and audio are still from Nii-sama, with modified subs. However, I don't think this torrent should be marked a remake, since the changes I made were quite significant: - Every single font and style is different from the source. - Each of the main characters has their own unique dialogue style (by hair color). This required marking the speaker on almost every line. - Split some long lines, combined some short lines, and removed hard-coded newlines in places I thought they were unnecessary. - Added dialogue karaoke for the lines where Rena repeats herself. - Shortened some lines for clarity, and re-translated a couple lines more literally. I believe fansubbing to be a cumulative process, where each successive group builds off of the work of others to create the best release possible. That is what I am striving for with these releases. There may still be mistakes or conflicting preferences though, so I encourage others to build off of this too. Please see [episode one](https://nyaa.si/view/1290652) (including the comment section) for more information about past seasons.

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  • [HairColor] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou - 02 [1080p].mkv (551.6 MiB)
Back to 2005 we go!
Oh boy! The oracle has spoken! The legends were true!
> I believe fansubbing to be a cumulative process, where each successive group builds off of the work of others to create the best release possible. If you truly believed that you wouldn't start with the worst possible base in which to work from: Nii-sama. Bad quality video and subtitles made worse than the official simulcast.
The main speaking font does not seem to be included in the file (for both this and episode 1). I had to download it and install it on my own.
ChaoXide, no one cares about your shitty opinion. Just fuck off and stop spreading misinformation based on your ass. The only thing that can be marked as "bad quality" are your retarded comments.
@phantomthiev idk man, Nii-sama's pretty bad

typesetter (uploader)

@BigThreeKai The main dialogue font is Edmondsans-Bold.otf, which is attached as stream #4. I even tested streaming the file from a remote plex server and the font showed up correctly. I would suggest using a different video player.
Nii-sama being garbage is actually backed by facts which have actually been proven numerous times, not opinions. But good try troll phantomthiev, you've already proven you know nothing.
>actually backed by facts Source: your ass. Keep trolling, Mr brainlet. You don't know any Japanese and you proved it multiple times already. You gave an example of "translation errors" which turned out to be correct changes. You're fucking pathetic no-life that can't accept that majority of people prefer more closer translations. Get over it, kid. Actually, I can't believe that this kind of stupidity is even possible.
Keep trolling. It's at least worth a good laugh I suppose.