Douluo Dalu - Soul Land Season 2 Ep - 100 [126] Eng Subs [1080p]

2020-10-17 19:11 UTC
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  • Douluo Dalu - Soul Land Season 2 Ep - 100 [126] Eng Subs [1080p].mkv (492.0 MiB)
Ohh I already uploaded ep 126 hahah, you were pretty late so everyone thought you were taking a break :3

sacredgold (uploader)

I had some other appointment this morning. Anyway, if you want to take over this series, please say it and I will step away from it. Another source I have found that you might like is this one: You can download the relevant douluo dalu episode like this (must have ffmpeg): ffmpeg -i "http://host/folder/file.m3u" -c copy file.mp4 Usually it is a little quicker than GM team. Though you may need to search though those m3u's.
I see. I can't find a place to work as a junior where I've to study... pretty annoying for me. So I can only hope for an appointment myself for that... I don't mind either way to be honest. I am definitely gonna keep going with uploading future eps but you can upload too if u want, people feel a little more secure to you cuz you're the main uploader after all :) I just had time and a friend of mine kept bugging me so I took it on myself, the progress only took me less then 5 minutes haha. GM their uploads is avg. available at 7 AM for me (Amsterdam time) and I am mostly awake at 10 AM so I guess I am fine? But if they haven't uploaded yet, I'll check it out so thanks so much! ^^ My releases are the same as yours, just changed it a little nothing else, see that release for yourself for the info. It's as usual still under your name
some frames are off and the text of the English too also this is 126 episode right? why it was text inside the video is ep 125? I know it was a mistake but can someone corrected the English sub pls… I very grateful but its kinda weird after watching just my personal opinion :)

sacredgold (uploader)

@aoi, It is not worth it for me correcting the subs as the official ones will be available on youtube a few weeks/days later. @vipapk, alright then. I will cease uploading this series for now.
__@AoineeChan__, Yeahh I noticed the same in my subs too and was really confused, but I checked a few clips and it was 126, guess a mistake at AnimeXin side? :3