Kamiki Ryunosuke - Yakeni Ben no Tatsu Bengoshi ga Gakko de Hoeru (2018)

2020-10-17 17:57 UTC
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Native Title: やけに弁の立つ弁護士が学校でほえる Also Known As: School Lawyer , Yakeben Shotaro Taguchi is a newly recruited attorney. As part of a new "school lawyer system", he is sent a middle school. There he encounters an angry student’s guardian who came to complain about her daughter's corporal punishment. The guardian threatens to sue the school but Taguchi kicks the person out from school. A few days later, the corporal punishment issue develops to an unexpected situation. The guardian sents a document with the student's homeroom teacher Mochizuki signature, admitting to using corporal punishment on the student.

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I am guessing that you are very familiar with the performances of Kamiki Ryunosuke. Any particular one you like the most?

Plumikii (uploader)

Hmm... I have a few. I haven't watched a lot of them though. For his earlier works I really liked Good News (He was very cute in it.) . My personal favorites include Shizumanai hone (It's a very touching story). To check out his acting capabilities I would suggest Kaze no Garden (it heartfelt), Tetsu no Hone (This is the beginning of I feel like a new innings in his career, the drama is mostly acting and direction focused. It's just something else with many experienced actors.), Gakkou no Kaidan (this is a mess, honestly a typical, actually a bit lower than average high school drama but his characterisation is what makes you want to come back for the ending of the drama. it's a guilty pleasure.) Keiji Yugami is my favorite. Henshin (again the story is... but his acting in on point), Samurai Sensei (a mess of a drama, but the instant transactions his character goes through it interesting to watch.) Tantei Kazoku (cuteee) and Wonderful World (it's so eerie.) Sorry you just asked for one and I gave you a list. Actually he's been in a ton of dramas and like Suda Masaki, I really like him in most of them.
Thank you for the recommendations. Now I will try watching some of them.

Plumikii (uploader)

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