[STiNX] Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Raihousha-hen - 02 [e728b4a1].mkv

2020-10-13 11:06 UTC
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A bit faster this week! The ending song was a lot easier than the opening, that's for sure. Now that the songs are sorted, should be faster next week too :) ![cute girl](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/output1.gif) ![cute girl](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/output2.gif) TIL that Funimation is softsubbed, unlike the AnimeLab rip that I looked at, so from this episode onwards, i'll be using either Funi or Wakamin as a base. Looks way better already. Special thanks to the people below who clearly let me know how bad Ep 1 looked in the kindest way possible. ![nice1](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/Screenshot%20from%202020-10-09%2002-08-26.png) ![nice2](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/Screenshot%20from%202020-10-09%2002-08-33.png) ![nice3](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/Screenshot%20from%202020-10-09%2002-08-45.png) ![nice4](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/Screenshot%20from%202020-10-09%2002-08-59.png) Opening song has also been updated with the official lyrics. First time I heard it, legit thought it was LiSA. It's not LiSA. ![not lisa](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/Screenshot%20from%202020-10-13%2022-02-04.png) ![cute girl](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/output3.gif) If there are any issues with this release, or you just wanna chat with me, the best fansubber in the world, join Facepalm Scans' discord: https://discord.gg/FjdWNRe Once again, Facepalm Scans is not affiliated with this project, despite me wishing a certain person there would encode for me. ![cute girl](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/output4.gif) ![cute girl](http://vigne.fgghjjkll.net/~fgghjjkll/mahouka02/output5.gif)

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  • [STiNX] Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Raihousha-hen - 02 [e728b4a1].mkv (287.6 MiB)
any chances for a v2 for ep 1 Funi encode? Or a batch once all the eps are out with the better encodes and song TLs?
Haven't heard of you before, but Green is a win.

fgghjjkll (uploader)

@SilverFullbuster, probably won't v2 ep1 just yet, but when the BDs come out, I'd like to batch each volume as they come.
I'd like to clarify that unlike Onii-sama Green is not, in fact, a win.
@random_bigInteger they did the first season but stinx is stinx, so...
Thanks a lot, fgghjjkll!