F-Rank no Boukun [LN ∼ v01]

2020-10-12 13:07 UTC
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![cover](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/835149472685096970/835449154087682048/franknoboukun.png) Title: F-Rank no Boukun / The F-Ranked Tyrant Author: Mikage Eiji Illustrator: Minakata Sunao Genres: Psychological, Romance, School Life, Sci-Fi Translation: [defan752](https://defan752.wordpress.com/) --- > The story takes place at the renowned private school “Nanahoshi” — also known as the school of the survival of the fittest. The school is famous for its incredibly skilled students and its nationally acclaimed achievements in various extracurricular activities. At the very core of this system, however, is a strict ranking system that is used to manage the students and reduces them to collections of numerical ratings of their abilities, from their intelligence to their looks. This school has an absolute ruler — a girl called Erika Kagurasaka, leader of the “Urban Lion” faction and holder of the title of “Pride.” With the perilous ambition of defeating her and ascending to the throne as a tyrant, Kana Fujishiro starts his quest from the lowest possible rank… --- More Mikage Eiji content. That being said, the only novel left by him (Bokura wa Mahou Shoujo no Naka) only has around half of volume 1 translated and it's been abandoned for years so I won't bother compiling that. Added PDF, the translator's website provided it so why not. I didn't edit it in any way.

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