[KorinTower] [Venny] Dragon Ball Z Movie 07 - Super Android 13 (Selecta Vision Blu-Ray) [Toei LD Audio + Latin American Dub] DDL

2020-10-12 02:25 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/LNUcO75.png) _______ #### Selecta Vision's Blu-Ray Release Synced With Toei Laser Disc Audio and LATAM (Latin American) Dub _______ #### __Credits:__ Seed of Might's Time Capsule for providing the raw Blu-Ray files for both Zima's Blu-Ray for the LATAM audio and the Selecta Vision's Blu-Ray for the video Deli for their DTS HD Laser Disc audio which was retimed by me _______ #### **Q&A:** **__Why use Selecta Vision's Blu-Ray and not Toei's 2018 remaster?__** Toei's 2018 remaster of Movie 7 specifically is probably the worst looking out of all of Toei's new remasters. Blacks are crushed, it has a green tint, and overall lower bit rate. Examples: Toei Web-DL - https://i.imgur.com/cl9kpjv.jpg Selecta Vision Blu-Ray - https://imgur.com/kEv7yQ2 Toei Web-DL - https://imgur.com/dxvPq1l Selecta Vision Blu-Ray - https://imgur.com/UgDuyYa **__Why Selecta Vision's Blu-Ray and not Funimation's?__** Funimation's uses DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) and has English credits while Selecta Vision's has 0 grain removal and Japanese Credits **__Why Laser Disc audio and not Toei Blu-Ray audio? Isn't the mixing on Toei's BD better?__** The mixing is better yes, but the audio quality on the Laser Discs is far superior to Toei's Blu-Ray. Overall higher quality music, SFX, and voices than on Toei's Blu-Ray. ________ ### **__REMINDER__** My internet is shared between 4 other people and is not best suited for torrenting. This is why I am leaving a DDL to Google Drive so you guys can download at the most efficient speed you can. ##### **__DIRECT DOWNLOAD HERE:__** aHR0cHM6Ly9kcml2ZS5nb29nbGUuY29tL3VjP2lkPTF4QndSNDRjVTFheHN4RDdJQVlwMm5peXNETng0N3BzMyZleHBvcnQ9ZG93bmxvYWQ= Decode Link Using https://www.base64decode.org/

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  • [Venny] Dragon Ball Z Movie 07 - Super Android 13 (Selecta Vision BD).mkv (6.8 GiB)
Now they can't complain about it. Btw, the SV BDs are the Double Features, but better. That's why they only released the Z movies and specials, not the Dragon Ball movies.
but still 16:9? urgh

Venny (uploader)

@Metaridley Movie 7 was specifically framed for 16:9. You can even see this in the movie itself. Certain elements are framed for 16:9. Even the ending of the Movie has clips of the movie in a cinematic aspect ratio rather than a 4:3 one
jillvalentine I want to eat your taco!
Thanks. Any chance you up the BDMV please?
I think I'll wait iKaos, Impakt, and JySzE for multi-Audio. At least they do syncing with English Dub. It is important because this movie is international.
More movies please

Venny (uploader)

@leo2leo For the rest of the movies just download the Toei remasters. Movie 7 was the only Toei Remaster that I really disliked out of them all
@Venny ok thanks I downloaded this version but doing an upscale will be very difficult because no converter does the conversion correctly https://nyaa.si/view/1271049

Venny (uploader)

@leo2leo No need to upscale this Blu-Ray. It was scanned by Funimation in 1080p and upscaling it to a higher res won't really do much but make it blurrier
Hi, I hope you are having a good day. The first 7 volumes of Sailor Moon DiC Dub is finally uploaded to archive.org as my own MKV rips. I tried to contact you on discord, but Discord wouldn't let me. Your name was JySzE, right? If it is, here's all the volumes I uploaded. That's all I own I'm afraid. I need volumes 8-14 to complete the set. The complete first season now available! https://archive.org/details/SMDICVOL1MKV https://archive.org/details/SMDICVOL2MKV https://archive.org/details/SMDICVOL3MKV https://archive.org/details/SMDICVOL4MKV https://archive.org/details/SMDICVOL5MKV https://archive.org/details/SMDICVOL6MKV https://archive.org/details/SMDICVOL7MKV
Along with that, I created a new torrent. https://nyaa.si/view/1310803