[slow] Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Raihousha-hen (S2) - 02 [1E930343].mkv

2020-10-10 19:53 UTC
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Funi smells... again Source: Hulu Video: 1920x1080 H.264 Audio: 64 kbps AAC Subs: English (same as Funimation) Explanation: Funimation did release it on time, but forgot to make the subs available, so all you can get is the video - however, they also release some of their shows on Hulu, where both video and subtitles were present.

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  • [slow] Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Raihousha-hen (S2) - 02 [1E930343].mkv (592.9 MiB)
oh... hell yeah
Finally thanks dude
How did you get Funimation subs? I just tried starting a free trial on Funimation just to watch this, but it didn't show subs. I ended up canceling my free trial because its useless if I cant get subs. Edit: Just noticed "Source: Hulu" at top, does that mean Hulu gets funimation subs before funimation? If so, that is messed up!
@LeftHandMagus : Learn to read the description
can you be quicker to subtitles to english?
I waited from 3 hours ago
but thx dude, sorry for complain
thank you very much, i was looking for it all day too
>64 Kbps AAC People pay for this...
Someone took the sub & mux it with funi video
"can you be quicker to subtitles to english?" >complaining about pirating anime >it's out only 5 hours slower than last week's earliest release >uploader is [slow] I just cannot even
64 Kbps AAC... Someone should get shot. @anonymousHaruhiFan lmao.
@anonymousHaruhiFan sorry dude
.srt? Really? In an anime? Dude...
this is explain why it is 64kbps only ![alt text](https://i.slow.pics/20hdyliQ.png) so people stop complaining ![alt text](https://i.slow.pics/CyIlbfNx.gif)