[XC] NEE - 不革命前夜 MV AKA The Eve of a Failed Revolution (WEB 1080p 24bit 96kHz FLAC)

2020-10-09 00:38 UTC
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This was only supposed to be a test to remove the awful static noise that's over the entire video, but the project kept growing. Here's the result of a little over a week's work. Most filtering work I've done so far, learned a lot. [Comparison screenshots](https://slow.pics/c/fog6Xgvv) YouTube seems to be the only source, so it came with lots of artifacts. The YouTube video has English subtitles but they're actually empty, I used a translation by YouTube user [wariwari](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS4K5SoMAN2W8KXlokyvWCA). Audio is 24bit FLAC from OTOTOY, adjusted to the length of the video. Static grain was isolated and subtracted from the video. There is still some grain because some shots would look bad without, but it's much more bearable. The advantage of this over a regular denoiser is detail won't be destroyed, see comparisons. YouTube provides multiple video streams, each with their own problems. I mixed the best frames from the av1, vp9 and h264 streams. Recreated a panning shot that got badly compressed. Frames with ghosting or particularly bad compression were replaced by a clean frame where possible. Manual edits for frames that couldn't be easily filtered. Applied AA on scenes that needed it. Debanded where necessary. Fixed borders. Vapoursynth script provided as an mkv attachment. Thanks Dave and louis for help with the static grain removal. Thanks Dave for help with animating the stitched panning shot. Thanks friend for translating some signs.

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  • [XC] NEE - 不革命前夜 MV AKA The Eve of a Failed Revolution (WEB 1080p 24bit 96kHz FLAC).mkv (308.8 MiB)
Great work as always!
wow I was just looking for the song, incredible work