[waifusims] Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Fine - Saekano the Movie Finale (BD 1080)

2020-10-08 02:55 UTC
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Took the timings and video from the atrocious Severian machine TL and added original translations. I fixed a few timing issues with the original (mostly on-screen text), and added some subs for some previously missing on-screen text, but there are still plenty of little problems with the base I used. I have no prior experience with subtitle editing, so I'm not very interested in fixing the remaining timing and typesetting issues, but I think we could all use a release in English rather than machine translated gibberish. If anyone is interested in repackaging these subs or making adjustments to them, go crazy.

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> original translations Your own or one of the other MTL's

waifusims (uploader)

>Your own or one of the other MTL’s My own, not machine-translated. I'm sure there are mistakes and leftover garbage in there given this was a solo effort that I gave a single review pass, so feel free to note anything if you notice it. Otherwise, I hope whatever pops up doesn't get in the way.
See, now THIS is something to be grateful for: someone actually translating. Thank you. Will take a look.
apparently movies have to get 5+ edits of machine translations these days before a single actual translation lol
tfw you offered and wanted to help yesterday but he does the full thing while you cry yourself to sleep :(
Is this one better or the one by KaiKinE? @Herkz Maybe if you weren't so ignorant, you would realize there's three human translations in total. There's only 1 edit of a machine translation so nice exaggeration.
There's actually only 1 real TL, everything else is MTL and KaiKinE's one seems to be an edited MTL.
For all of the MTLs that have been running around, what are they using as their base? Do JP BDs include actual closed captioning nowadays?
Just wait for the official subs guys.
@SeaSmoke One guy that goes by the name ronaldo on YT, made subtitles based on a camrip with his translation group. He's actually the first one with subtitles way before the MTLs. Hell, he even translated all the songs too. The KaiKinE guy spent 50 hours on his translation, talked about his knowledge of Japanese, and he didn't mention anything about editing from a MTL. If it's a edited MTL that took 50 hours then it might as well all be his own translation at that point. The 3rd TL is this user, waifusims. @deadman80 This torrent has Japanese subtitles. I guess it's included in the BD? https://nyaa.si/view/1283782
The first guy is a Spanish -> English TL so I wouldn't count that as a real english TL anyway, KaiKinE's TL seems to match up with MTL'ed ones or his English is just MTL tier, this is the first one I know of.
[Same subs, just spell checked and slightly stylized](https://mega.nz/file/6IpyiLbJ#XiXctqs9x7DStcW-RgSRVlXdkXtL9Ekm1CIYtKxeAgo)
@random_bigInteger: I hope you are wrong. Damn...
@waifusims Please also include the subtitle file so we can edit it if needed
KaiKinE's sub does have some similar lines of subtitles with previous machine translated ones.
KaiKinE also mentioned using a base iirc, so his is probably the MTL subs with missing lines translated and some lines retranslated.
Nah i just checked and he didn't mention that he used a base. But he could have coz iirc the lines in the first 8 mins of the movie are similar to MTLs
@random_bigInteger: I misundertood. Thanks.

waifusims (uploader)

>@waifusims Please also include the subtitle file so we can edit it if needed The subs are packaged within the .mkv, but you can pull them out with something like MKVToolNix (the same thing I used to put them in).
EOPs arguing about which subs are better smh. Watch the raw
Which is the real TL ?? Not MTL and Shit.
i will wait for green anon all white anon kind sus
Is the sub good?
Using MTL as a base in general is a horrible idea anyway. http://ia.is.maiwaifu.jp/dont-crunchyroll-your-own-translation/ It’s already objectively bad to edit official subs, I can only imagine what happens when you edit machine translated ones. At the very least you actually translated from the source language, so it might be badly written but perhaps it’s somewhat accurate.
@Interruptor nice meme it was written by that guy who couldn't TL Index/Railgun for shit
@Ingenioussubs Just wait for the official subs guys. When that happen ?
these are good subs. thank you for the original TL. there some missing words and typos but nothing major in the translation.
there no official sub given up already
Are the subs good and well timed ?
Why would you need to take the timings if you'll go through the lines one-by-one? It's easier and safer to just time the lines as you TL them. This way, you won't miss any dialogue that the script might have had.
Watched the movie. The subs are good enough if you ask me. There were typos, but after spellcheck, they were also gone. Thanks and the movie was very satisfying!
>Why would you need to take the timings if you’ll go through the lines one-by-one? It’s easier and safer to just time the lines as you TL them. This way, you won’t miss any dialogue that the script might have had. Dude, it has 2000 dialogue lines. Would take 4ever.
>Dude, it has 2000 dialogue lines. >Would take 4ever. He'd go through over 2000 lines either way since he's translating it. It won't be much of a difference either way, so why settle for an inferior script's timing in the first place?
Timing is a little bit off, but the TL is pretty good. Good job.
^Agreed. Went through the first few minutes just now and the translation seems good enough to watch the movie. I've gone ahead and shifted the timing of the subs a little, fixed some spelling mistakes, and changed the font to make it look a little better. Here's the link if anyone wants it: https://mega.nz/file/0Ykj1Y6a#bLeXD-1RpZXENQtsrnI3cQsIRlYRIQ4Okafh_bcRmFM
There was a user who uploaded MTL sub. Then there was a user who uploaded a better version of the MTL subs. Then there is this sub, basically the subs that being uploaded are just improvements of its predecessor meaning that the grammar of the sentences/phrases is just upgrading. If you have watched the upgraded MTL it's okay you can understand the movie cause that did a really good job on changing the grammar but if you haven't, try this because this is much better.
I need a recap of the first two seasons before watching this, I only remember the fanservice moments
Was this anime released in 5.1 ? Where can I check these things? I know this release is in stereo, just wondering about original source. Thanks.
@Hysz Yes, search in the raw category
> If anyone is interested in repackaging these subs or making adjustments to them, go crazy. thank you!
Why is this upload of the movie with the extra opening scene which shows the new characters of the blessing softwares new game? I mean all the other uploads on nyaa have movie opening with michiru and his band performing all other bd encodes are 1hr 54 mins and this upload is 1hr 57mins