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**Series:** [Chrome Shelled Regios](https://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=5911) **Source:** DVD ISO **SD Video:** 8-bit x264 @ 2000kbps avg **Upscaled Video:** 8-bit x264 @ 5000kbps avg **Audio:** Japanese 2.0 AC3 @ 160kbps avg **Subtitles:** English softsubs _____ **Synopsis** (from [fandom wiki](https://csr.fandom.com/wiki/Legend_of_Regios)) A 3-volume, science-fiction light-novel series that is set in the past world of the Chrome Shelled Regios series. An anime adaptation was produced by Zexcs and aired from January 11th 2009 till June 20th 2009. It is licensed by Funimation Entertainment in North America. In the anime Chrome Shelled Regios, the Legend of Regios side story takes place in the same world but during a time of the past. All of the characters speak in English with a Japanese accent, probably as a result of being voiced over by Japanese seiyu. It is also displayed in the form of an existing television show. Since the side story takes on very little time in the anime, not much of the story is fully explored with only few characters. _____ **Notes** This whole thing started as a request we found on Reddit, that has been linked in another torrent or two here. The original DVD ISO source floating around was noisy as hell so I wanted to try my hand at a slight upscaling while I was cleaning the episodes up. I did what I could. I have included the original DVD resolution video files along with our subtitles if you prefer watching it that way or if you just don't like the upscale. [Comparison screenshot of SD video](https://i.imgur.com/jPX4yYg.png)

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Hey! Could you do Toshou Daimos and Motori In Pista next?