[Aeenald] Made in Abyss - Journey's Dawn + Wandering Twilight | Tabidachi no Yoake + Hourou Suru Tasogare [BDrip 1080p][HEVC x265 10-bit] [AAC 2.0 / Opus 5.1][Movie-1&2]

2020-10-04 12:28 UTC
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A simple remux with SweetSub&LoliHouse's video and Exstasia's subtitles. **Titles:** 1. Made in Abyss: Journey's Dawn (Movie 1) | Tabidachi no Yoake (Info: [AL](https://anilist.co/anime/101343/Made-in-Abyss-Tabidachi-no-Yoake/)) ~*A compilation film recapping the **first half** of the anime series.* 2. Made in Abyss: Wandering Twilight (Movie 2) | Hourou Suru Tasogare (Info: [AL](https://anilist.co/anime/101344/Made-in-Abyss-Hourou-Suru-Tasogare/)) ~*A compilation film recapping the **second half** of the anime series.* 3. Movie 3 [here](https://nyaa.si/view/1286204) **Video:** Encode by: [SweetSub&LoliHouse](https://nyaa.si/view/1242896) Codec: HEVC/H265 10bit Resolution: 1920x1080 Frame rate: 23.976 Contains chapters: Yes **Audio:** Audio Track 1 (Default): 2.0Ch AAC jap (QAAC @TVBR127) Audio Track 2: 5.1Ch Opus (libopus @384kbps VBR) **Subtitles:** Subtitle Track 1 (Default): Exstasia (Asenshi-PAS)

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amazing release! Only problem is I found out that there is nothing new in the movie. And the movie cut out lots of scenes. so tv bd version is still the best ?
@Hifumi_l See, that's why compilation movies are so underappreciated. Their job is not to carbon copy the entire season, and not really to put any significant extra content. They help us refresh our memory before starting the new season. It saves time. And these two movies did an excellent job.
Thanks for the response! Well, when it comes to compilation movies, Madoka Magica actually did great in the sense (added new scenes etc.) compared to the tv bd version. But this is fine as well. I will rewatch the tv series again then watch the 3rd movie since this anime is so good!
Thanks for all movies :) I do agree that the compilation movies are still needed. It's a mixed bag where it may/may not add new scenes. In fact, it might even change some or might even lose some. Perfect example is Shingeki Movies. I didn't want to rewatch S1 + S2 since S3 BD's are now up and wanted to watch it asap. So I decided to watch the first three movies which recaps S1 and S2 perfectly with some minor adjustments. Remove some of the filler (all that talk during downtime) and change some of the music in some scenes (good or bad) and they did remove Ymir's backstory (I feel it spoiled a bit too much, but it should have been here). Still, it added new ED songs, new scenes towards the end that go through S3 as well as made the animation so good in BD form. So it is a mixed bag, but I always appreciate these summary movies. Most of the time it is a refresh of memory for those who want to prepare before a new season/movie.