[Asenshi-MTBB] Made in Abyss - Dawn of the Deep Soul [BD 1080p AAC] [211CA9DE].mkv

2020-10-03 15:58 UTC
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4.8 GiB
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#mtbb@irc.rizon.net #animesenshi@irc.rizon.net https://asenshi.moe This release features two subtitle tracks, one without honorifics and one with. To play tracks with honorifics by default, set the default subtitle track to “enm” in your player. Additionally, both the 2ch and 5.1ch audio tracks are included, with the 2ch track being default. Original Script: Jake Jung (Sentai Filmworks) Translation Checking: Unbased Editing: motbob Timing: motbob Typesetting: motbob Encoding: joletb Quality Checking: joletb Special Thanks: WiZee, Julek

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  • [Asenshi-MTBB] Made in Abyss - Dawn of the Deep Soul [BD 1080p AAC] [211CA9DE].mkv (4.8 GiB)
nice, thank you
now that's some good food
Much appreciated.
Made in Abyss - Dawn of the Dark Souls That could be a thing.
I've been waiting for this. Thanks!


Finally, some good fucking anime
A good week later :rofl:
still on time at least
Well I know what I'm doing later
Thanks for this release!
Thanks Asenshi and MTBB
Thanks. Will you be subbing the Maruruk's Everyday OVA as well?
Thanks for the release!
Father-daughter quality time.
Is the maruruk ovas included in the end of the movie or is that its own separate thing.
Now that's some god tier combination work
very cool, thanks!
drop when? >mtbb ok
Wish we could download only the subtitles since this version is pretty bad compared to other BDrip we got.
Got any comparisons to other *decent* BDrips !?
oh wow Made in Abyss movie oh man I'm getting so moist from the anticipation!!
Does this already include Movie 1 and Movie 2 that were released by others previously?
Nice! Thanks ;)
are you guys gonna sub the Marulk everyday mini eps 1-4 which came with the bluray, would love to see those.
@Array : You can grab them via AnimeTosho ([Here](https://animetosho.org/view/asenshi-mtbb-made-abyss-dawn-deep-soul-bd.n1286047)) if you wanna mix them with another BDrip :)
No current plans for Marulk. Maybe when they all get subbed by Sentai.
This scenefiltered encode is better than any bloated BDrip you’ll be able to find. Stick to this or else you’ll just watch an inferior version of the movie. Bigger doesn’t mean better.
> this version is pretty bad compared to other BDrip we got. kek
it's not about the size, but how you use it
Extra based, nice
I am rumbling with scientific triumph from this release.
Spelling Mistake: "Well now, wasn't that what you choose?" Shouldn't this supposedly perfect, long awaited, quality checked translation be free of spelling issues? They should probably just have kept the Sentai translation unaltered, it was good enough.
Chill, we fixed more typos from Sentai than we introduced.
I didn't spot any typos at all in the original Sentai subtitles. The occasional slightly stilted phrasing, sure, but no outright spelling mistakes. Will you upload a v2 of this with the typo fixed?
>Will you upload a v2 of this with the typo fixed? No, sorry.
@minifreeza a good week later fuck you dude, you're watching it for free just fucking learn japanese, also dbz, shit fucking taste
@motbob any updates on Bakemonogatari? It has been a bit since the last release.
what about the previous two movies?
Asenshi, MTBB, and GJM keeping fansubbing alive.
Thank you so much!


An authorized "lo fi" 720p/stereo-audio version would be appreciated. Not all of us are superautists who spend 30% of their income on their Internet connection. Lots of SmartTVs can't do files >4GB as well.
>An authorized “lo fi” 720p/stereo-audio version would be appreciated. Not all of us are superautists who spend 30% of their income on their Internet connection. Lots of SmartTVs can’t do files >4GB as well. Generally speaking, when making a request, calling the recipient of the request a "superautist" will lower the chance of it being fulfilled.
omegalul.. btw is this really scenefiltered?
Anon : Previous 2 movies are recap movie. not worth it.
also : I almost puked out of anguish watching this. Thanks !
Yo HarkiniansDinner, ungrateful fuck, open aegisub/download it and fix the typo yourself, it’s really not that hard.
Is there nothing new being added to movie 1 and 2, compared to the TV series?
this file is way too big couldn't you have taken the care to make it actually fit on a dvd instead of going slightly too large why do fansubbers care so little nowadays
it's things like these that really let you know how the modern generation of fansubbers are really undeserving of being addressed as 'fans'
yeah imagine the pain of finally getting a much awaited 'fan'sub which you discover is ultimately unusable
Ashenshi-ally the best subs we'll get for this
@govna theres a newer release that is 2-3GB i also care about space efficiency since my SSD drive only has 80GB left.
@Interruptor You don't see me complaining about other torrents of this movie. But this fansub group takes so much pride in their quality that they have dedicated progress bars on their site for "translation checking" and "quality control", and put out their torrents weeks after other subs are up in order to supposedly make it perfect... and if they want people to wait for that, then they better actually have the subs up to the absolute minimum standard of not having amateurish spelling mistakes in them.
it must be depressing to do such a good job for free and seeing this kind of complaints
Thanks Asenshi especially for including honorifics best release
"oh no, it's too big!" @govna & @sameer, stop being ungrateful and go get one of the many miniencodes if you don't care about quality
Govna was trolling, /s shouldn't be required to understand sarcasm. @HarkiniansDinner how is having progress bars imply you're taking too much pride in your work? How is mistyping one more "o" in the word "chose" an unforgivable mistake? Not only that, just the encode alone blows every other official and unofficial release out of the water. Again, fixing one single typo doesn't really require much effort. It's an error but a silly one at that, which means it shouldn't even be considered to begin with. You're also free of watching a (worse) BDrip if you really dislike this release.
Never mind the assholes, great work Asenshi !
Good day! Can someone kindly capture this moment from the movie? Wanna compare the picture quality with these two. I'm curious about the quality difference of this 5gb encode with these two. Upload from miniencodes.nl: https://i.imgur.com/ZdFgehF.png, https://i.imgur.com/0j4M4VH.png - 980mb Timestamp: 01:11:25 Upload from [EMBER] here in nyaa: https://i.imgur.com/rLbh45u.png, https://i.imgur.com/vpIEsNI.png - 2.8gb Timestamp: 01:02:51
I can't understand one reason for those trash talking.... thank god that i don't understand stupidity and ungratefulness thoughts
does anybody has the movie below 480p eng sub?
People complaining about typos, video quality, and High-GB.. Me: where's the FLAC?
Thank you very much. Appreciate the effort.
im kinda curious, why does the video has like 50 seconds left after the ending?
Minus points for no chapters and untitled audio tracks. Wouldn't be hard to name them "Stereo" and "5.1", would it? Didn't spot any obvious issues with the subs or encode while watching. So I'd say a good release ... but not perfect.
the video quality is worse than other options that are 1,8gb, wouldn't recommend, I would really prefer if I could download just the subs, those are good.
300gb uploaded later, thanks again lol
Just so you guys know, the language tagging for the "enm" track is messed up and just named enm but still tagged as "eng". Also, I noticed some kind of issue where the video stops with ~45 seconds remaining so maybe an audio track is longer than the video track?
@Slysoft there's a useless subtitle line at the end causing that dead space