[GJM-Kaleido] Majo no Tabitabi ~The Journey of Elaina~ - 01 [D061BE1F].mkv

2020-10-03 02:27 UTC
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Majo no Tabitabi ~The Journey of Elaina~ - 01 \- https://www.goodjobmedia.com/ \- http://www.twitter.com/goodjobmedia \- [\#goodjob@irc.rizon.net](irc://irc.rizon.net/goodjob) \- https://discord.gg/0jeKKhzGn3EBNDI2 \- https://kaleido.kageru.moe/ \- https://twitter.com/KaleidoSubs \- https://discord.gg/dk7aadV If you encounter any playback issues with this GJM-Kaleido release, please make sure you are using the most recent version of MPC and xysubfilter, or mpv. It is highly recommended that you use mpv. Please note that there may be minor rendering differences between MPC/xysubfilter and mpv. Enjoy the release!

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  • [GJM-Kaleido] Majo no Tabitabi ~The Journey of Elaina~ - 01 [D061BE1F].mkv (1.2 GiB)


nice hat, ms witch
Important to note is that for episode 1, we used a TV source because it was the best source available. There are web sources, but they looked worse. Episode 2 and onwards should hopefully use better sources since Funi won't be delayed. We might update this for the batch, but more realistically it won't be until BDs, as the quality is more than acceptable for an airing show.
Fast as Light
Ty of TV Subs source. Fuck Muse Asia subtitles it's their own translation of the subs. And not the original subtitles provided by the studios on Crunchyroll and Funimation streaming sites.
Hope you guys don't disappear on us in the middle on the season or something.
tfw light finally working on a good show
Encoding isn't an important part of the fansubbing process anyway.
Funimation release of this is delayed that's why
> We might update this for the batch, but more realistically it won’t be until BDs, Light-kun has failed us. We demand update now. :^) Just kidding, we love you bro. <3
I'll give you 3 episodes before it's stalled into oblivion. 5 if you're really into it. Why do you keep stating new projects before finishing old ones?
Good Job BS11.
Wow... Yes!!! Thanks... I thought no one's gonna pick this up... Shocking.
>Why do you keep starting new projects before finishing old ones? Relevancy.

GoodJobMedia (uploader)

All fansubs are irrelevant, let's not go down that road. We continue to pick up new shows because they excite us. Everything else is being worked on else there wouldn't have been any picks this season.
@DmonHiro you're being generous here LOL
they should just make terrible releases very quickly instead
Since it seem that encoding was a bottlneck, you should just take a page out of Dmon's book and consider encoding a unimportant part of fansubbing.

GoodJobMedia (uploader)

Encoding will be faster next episode when we can use Funimation's video instead. Filtering on a TV cap runs slow as fuck.
As well as figuring out how to deal with it, since I have very little prior experience working on TV caps (and after this, I'd rather keep it that way LOL)
Thank you thank you thank you!!
>we always keep doing it until the end >but stalling excluded


Where can I find .ass files for these subs?
Inb4 stalled at EP 5
This is one of the manga I Love :P
Thanks for the release @cnd Go to Anime Tosho for subs
I burnt my finger my times before but I still coming back. Maybe I'm a masochist.
Fast fansubs is not on the menu.
@GoodJobMedia thanks a lot for this release !! Please do not drop this series
Looks promising.
Thanks! I wish you were interested in new Love Live anime, official subs suck ass.
No honorifics huh? Using Fuckumation scripts are you? What happened to using Japanese broadcast raws? The fansub community has turned to shit over the past couple of years. I mean, the whole reason I went the torrent route over 12 years ago was to avoid shit translations, localization, censorship, and rewriting. If you're going to use Fuckumations shit what is the fucking POINT? Kinda disappointed in GJM. I thought you had put out some quality stuff in the past. Anyway, this sucks. I'll find another source. One that translates properly I hope. Well, I saw this coming. As soon as the West (read, America) got their fingers into the production end everything has gone to shit. In the early 2000's I had like 25-30 shows on my list each cour. Now I'm lucky to find 10.

GoodJobMedia (uploader)

Quality shitpost my dude. I rate it highly.
@stealthmomo you're absolutely right. BUT, are you really THAT surprised with GJM (ESPECIALLY in this joint with Kaleido)? They are doing something like this for YEARS. Even commie isn't as bad these times in terms of shitty rewriting and localization. And missing honorifics are the the smallest problem with this release though. You just need to support groups that are trying to unfuck shitty subs instead.
Hokay. Just finished watching through this episode, and all I've got to say is... What the holy fuck are all of you complaining about!?!?! There were zero grammatical errors. No spelling errors. The sentence structure was superb, the story flowed without a single glitch in comprehension, and I pointblank refuse to believe that this wasn't following the author's storyline. There was nothing about the text to disturb my immersion in the story. From my perspective it was very well written. Granted, I don't read or speak Japanese...but after enough years of watching anime in subs I do recognize various words, and those were all TLd in an appropriate manner. There weren't any Japanese artifacts in the translation...but were there any words that didn't have reasonable English equivalents? It's not like chuunibyou was one of them, ya dig? No distinctly Japanese foodstuffs being called doughnuts... If you have a problem with 'teacher' instead of 'sensei'...I'll show you the door. Back when I first came across anime, in 1987 while in grad school, what we had access to were VHS tapes that were copies of copies of copies...grainy as heck. No subs, no dubs. If we were lucky we'd have obtained a synopsis of the episode that someone had written, maybe as little as an overview of what the entire series was about. We'd have though we'd died and gone to heaven to have something of this quality. Within days of its original broadcast would never have crossed our minds as a possibility.
stealthmomo and nyaaaanpasu showcasing they don't even grasp the very basics of translation.
@Weaslopes Thank you very much for your comment. To all else, Does anyone with an actual proper grasp on any language have a clear critique of the subs? I'm very confused to read that we were "rewriting" parts of the script when I came out of the episode very confident that this had been sticking very close to the Japanese. Is it just that having sensei translated as teacher or dropping honorifics is activating some sort of deep-seated hatred or are there any actual sensible complaints that you have with the script that you can point to and explain how it's "mangling" the original intent? If not, I'm going to continue with the assumption that it's pure shitposting at this point.
Any chance for a 720p? 1GiB/episode is big...
I put on my robe and witch hat
>assumption that it’s pure shitposting at this point No need to assume, cause this is shitposting.
Lately coming up to Nyaa for reading comments feels like joining to a 4chan thread shitstorm. Everywhere i look, i see cringe trolling and shitposting lmao. There is basicly zero problem with this release by the way. Keep up the amazing work ma bois.