[GM-Team][国漫][我为歌狂之旋律重启][Music Up:Reborn][2020][02][AVC][GB][1080P]

2020-10-02 06:50 UTC
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![][0] **Name:** 我为歌狂之旋律重启 / 我为歌狂II / Music Up! 2 / Music Up! I'm Back! / Wo Wei Ge Kuang 2 / 我为歌狂2 / Music Up: Reborn **Genres:** Music, Slice of Life **Episodes:** 12 Episodes **Duration:** 23 min. per ep **Aired:** Oct 2, 2020 - - - Email:guomanteam@gmail.com - - - **This anime has logo, no way to remove, sorry.** [0]: http://tvax4.sinaimg.cn/large/007fFgRdly1gjatklbmksj30xc1aoh5v.jpg

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  • [GM-Team][国漫][我为歌狂之旋律重启][Music Up:Reborn][2020][02][AVC][GB][1080P].mp4 (682.1 MiB)
Thanks GM-team! Thank you so much <3 Do you know when you might be able to share the high bit rate version of Yi Nian Yong Heng 一念永恒 and The King's Avatar Ⅱ 全职高手 第二季? Those two are my all-time favorites and I’d really like to watch them on a larger screen ** praying emoji ** Always happy to help GM-team with the seeding of their large seasonal files of course. I will seed the following non-stop every day in the next 3 months: [GM-Team][国漫][武动乾坤][Martial Universe 2nd Season][2020][01-12 Fin][AVC][GB][1080P] [GM-Team][国漫][有药][Are You OK][2020][01-12 Fin][AVC][1080P][Multi-Subs] [GM-Team][国漫][天宝伏妖录][Legend of Exorcism][2020][01-13 Fin][AVC][GB][1080P] [GM-Team][国漫][异世界中药铺][Different World Medicine Shop][2020][01-40 Fin][AVC][GB][1080P] [GM-Team][国漫][妖神记 第4季 黑狱篇][Tales of Demons and Gods 4th Season][2020][01-52 Fin][AVC][GB][1080P] [GM-Team][国漫][时之歌 - 花与焰的狂想诗][Song of Time - Rhapsody of Flowers and Flames][2020][01-13 Fin][AVC][GB][1080P]

GuoManTeam (uploader)

@Mushroompizza Thanks!! The high rate way is lost, maybe never to get.
@GuoManTeam This honestly makes me very sad, and we only have 4 more episodes left for Bureau of Paranormal Investigation 民调局异闻录 too. I really really hope the issue is only temporary ** praying hard emoji **

GuoManTeam (uploader)

@Mushroompizza If I get the high rate version, I will add them fastly.
@GuoManTeam Thank you. I really can't thank you enough <3 And Happy Mid Autumn and National Day to both you and everyone in China. 祝您国庆中秋双节快乐!