[IKaos] [SoM] Dragon Ball v3 fixes (026, 041)

2020-10-02 05:29 UTC
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JySzE spent some time further fixing the combing and luma issues present in episodes 26 and 41, first brought up in this comment: https://nyaa.si/view/1283101#com-52 As a reminder these episodes were mistakenly encoded as interlaced on the actual Dragon Box, thus necessitating this restoration work. All audio and subs are identical to the previous release. Thanks to Kuraze for suggesting some fixes, and Quazza for QC. ### EDIT - For anyone coming to this late, episode 138 had a few audio issues, there are direct links to the fixed episode here: https://nyaa.si/view/1283101#com-108

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This is the final fix unless something is severely broken. Enjoy.
Now THIS is what I call dedication.
@JySzE @iKaos Possible to reseed this? https://nyaa.si/view/1278864
@JySzE and the entire team involved Truly outstanding work! Thanks so much for this. For future viewers here is a [**comparison**](https://slow.pics/c/laBi6G9Q) of the [**main v2 torrent**](https://nyaa.si/view/1283101) and this v3 appendix update *(use number keys or mouse click to toggle and-forth)*. I only selected a few of the worst frames of those I found in each episode to showcase the extensive replacement work that has been done restoring the full progressive footage *(there were many other problem frames fixed beyond my ability to QC for)*.
Thanks Ikaos, JySzE and the whole SOM team. But I want to ask JySze a question, I read [this](https://nyaa.si/view/1283101#com-1) comment, the first point affected all the episodes of DB you encoded, so do you think it also affects your previous releases (Like DBZ or Naruto) or it is just something related to DB and not presented in the other series you worked in?
@bkaraki it only affected v1 of Dragon Ball. Anything else I have encoded has not been affected. Naruto is getting a v2 in the near future but it is not related to the issue I had with the DB v1 encode.
The quality on the Naruto and this DB is incredible, so happy to have great copies of both series done to perfection, really can't wait till we get a solid version of shippuden
@iKaos Will the final batch release of Z source the level sets or dbox for those first episodes? Am I good downloading the current batch of Dragon Ball or is there a v3 in the works that I should wait for? Also, Someone may have found this already, but I noticed that in episode 3 on the level sets release, it cuts off the announcer early as he is saying "Dragon Ball Z!" at the very end of the episode. By the way, thank you so much (to you and your team) for going out of your way to ensure that people like me are able to watch their favorite show in the way that it was intended to be seen. This stuff is literally saint-like. You guys are the only reason I am able to watch any of Dragon Ball how I want. I have been downloading your torrents since the fall of last year and just wanted to say that I am so grateful for all that you do. It's nice to be able to interact with other people who care about Dragon Ball at this level.

iKaos (uploader)

@mattsterZ 1. Final batch of Z will be DBOX the entire way, however a v4 of the Levels will follow afterwards with the updated audio/subs. I am undecided if I will re-do the video encode since it is quite time consuming. 2. There are a few incredibly minor things that could be fixed with DB, but there are no plans for a complete v3 anytime soon. I will continue releasing patch torrents as necessary however. For example, there will likely be torrent for 1-5 and 138 soon since a new Harmony Gold rip was done at high quality. 3. Which audio track did you notice the issue on? All of the audios will be redone for v4/batch so it might be a moot point, but I'll double check to be sure. 4. Thank you very much for your kind words.
@iKaos Ok cool. Can't wait for those v4 levels. I love them. Also gonna download dragon ball asap. The audio track where I noticed the issue was the 2007 5.1 Funi remastered track with the Kikuchi score. It was on episode three of the levels as the narrator finishes up saying "Dragon Ball Z!" at the very end of the episode. "Z" is cut off a bit.
@ JySzE I'm interested in your naruto release. Can i find it on nyaa ? if yes, could you please give me the link ? thanks !
@iKaos Let me join the server thanks for all your uploads
@Darkshakaa Naruto V2 will release soon enough so I suggest just waiting for that. It's gonna fix whatever issues were left over in Jy's initial encode
@Darkshakaa Naruto V2 is coming soon, Dont believe anything anyone says unless it comes directly from me I am the only one who truly knows what is happening with my own releases. Also if we could refrain from commenting about other releases on iKaos stuff that would be really great.
Does anyone know where I can find scans for the dragon books that come with the dragon boxes (Dragon Ball Z Dragon Boxes)?
@mattsterZ The Funimation or Toei Dragon Books? I'm pretty sure both are on Nyaa, but I saw the Funimation ones not too long ago
@WuTangKlann1 Either. I don't even really know the difference.

iKaos (uploader)

@mattsterZ https://nyaa.si/view/1292948 Never seen the Toei ones for Z. The ones for DB were in my batch.
@iKaos @JySzE Do you or anyone on the group have any intention of releasing a dual audio Shippuden batch? My deepest thanks to y'all. Doing great work for the community and the fandom.
@iKaos @JySzE Just to add on, The separate subs included for Dragon Ball batch, should I strictly use them if I listen to the Japanese audio? Is the DBZ batch on time to go up by the end of this year? The 3rd audio track for Z has "w/Smith/Dobos/Morgan/Faulconer score" does that mean the score could be either one randomly for each episode? Will the Z batch include the Movies + Specials or is that a project down the pipe line? As the Dragon Ball batch is getting a color correction, is that something down the pipe line for Z as well? Anyone on the team doing a GT batch? (Apologies in advanced if this has been asked before)

iKaos (uploader)

@Comment101 1. Subs are for Japanese audio, there aren't any dubtitles at this time. You can watch with the English audio to see how close or far the dub is from the original though. 2. Given that we're 2 days from the end of the year, probably not, but still within a week or so. 3. "Smith/Dobos/Morgan/Faulconer" is just how I label what people usually just call the "Faulconer" score, to acknowledge that the other 3 guys did the vast majority of the music (Faulconer himself did maybe 10 songs total). 4. I think I answered this elsewhere, but the movies are all being done separately. The specials are in the batch though. 5. It's all the same project with regards to color correction, again no timeline on that at all. 6. GT is being worked on, yes.
@iKaos Sorry you had to reply again. I was not given the option to delete the questions after asking again, on the broadcast batch. But thank you for the further clarification. Much appreciated.
@Venny and @JySzE Thanks for the info, i will wait for the v2 then. I'm not gonna speak about it anymore ;)