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2020-10-01 15:35 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2020) - 01 [1080p].mkv (1.3 GiB)
thanks! Fall Season here we come
Based and Red Pilled
there is no better time to simulcast than this Fall and this year
There are SO MANY animes I'll be watching this season :)
~~Please let this be a faithful adaptation!~~ Skipped through some of the episode, looks great and many of the scenes are just as I remembered them from the game. **Nipaaaaa~☆**
Both anime skipped stuff from the source. At least this one has good animation so far unlike lol DEEN.
no matter what anyone says the deen anime was a masterpiece given their budget and time, and given that it was deen..... definitely was better than anything that came out in the last 5 years Not sure about the disgusting moe artstyle of this with the monogatari face shit (fuck monogatari sucks major ass) but i'm diving in boys!!!! Higurashi is a masterpiece, buy and play the VN
> Not sure about the disgusting moe artstyle of this The art style seems to be a mixture of the original PS2 and remake PS3 versions.
are the subs good or what
Nippa~ Yeah how are the subs? Will someone pick this up to sub?
this show is so cringe
Would be interesting if they got the original VA cast from the original first series but since it's funi I highly doubt it. @Mykse The subs are by Funi...
>Source: Visual novel Into the trash it goes.
>not knowing higurashi you dumb fucking idiot
What the fuck is this comment section? Do people really not know what Higurashi is in 2020?
Fuck yeah Higurashi is back. I can feel my nails peeling back as I add this torrent to my client.
Keiichi Maebara, says hi to Natsuki Subaru. I like the old art style better though, this style new style is really hard to swallow, disgusting. Just in case nobody notice, watch the original 1st episode after watching this, you might find something interesting.
All abord the hype train! But yeah the art style...
> Not sure about the disgusting moe artstyle of this with the monogatari face shit (fuck monogatari sucks major ass) Couldn't be more right about this.
Hitler technically never killed anyone.
wow, people complaining about watanabe... what a time
What this remake or sequel?
Flotsam youngsters... Criticizing Higurashi....
the last release.... sankyu horriblesubs
It's a remake you fucking reprobate @klonugung @EKaya nobody who complained was brand new to the series I've played the VN and dearly love the 2006 anime as it was one of my first anime (first 5-10 shows I fully watched) we were only saying the moe-gap gayass art was dragging down what could otherwise be a good remake. But having watched the first episode now finally, I really doubt it. They're giving Deen a run for their money on shit and Deen was always shit.... the animation is better but the coloring is dogshit (doesn't merge well with the atmosphere of the genre and the genius original soundtack), the moe designs are dogshit and the character proportions are inconsistent and oddly drawn. There are some serious quality issues here, the standard in Japan is low right now compared to the golden age of anime which was sadly way over a decade now. So I'm going to not watch this and then binge it once it's all released, or perhaps 1 week from release....... either way it's sad one of my all time 25s being thrown on my own backburner.
Well, holy shit. HorribleSubs is officially dead. This is going to be the last release from HS ever ._.;;
shit that first comment aged poorly
fall season here we dont come..
Thanks horrible and RIP.
Thanks for everything HS
Thanks for all your efforts.
First and last anime episode I am going to watch.
thank you for over the past decade
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your many years of service. It's truly the end of an era. Goodbye guys, you will be missed. <3
So, this was HS's last release? Thanks for all these years. Goodbye.
Fuck 2020! Thanks for everything, Horriblesubs.
Thanks so much for all this years HorribleSubs!
very abrupt end... but seriously, thank you very much for all the hard work. good luck in your future endeavors HS team, you were truly appreciated.
shit where can i shitpost now.
Now HorribleSubs is gone for good, now where can i find anime ? Can anyone suggest websites like HS Thanks
The age of fansubbing will return
And now you have officially taken it too far 2020. Thank you horriblesubs!
Let's make the last release to the top to remember HS.
Login to last HS Torrent
I was here when it ended. Thank you HS.
last upload of HS
Last upload of HS. Thanks for being a part of our lives
include me in the screenshol
Thanks Horrible Subs!!!!!!!!!!!
Goodnight HorribleSubs.
Have a nice dream, HorribleSubs
You really have come far HS. You deserve a well deserved rest.
**@HorribleSubs** Thanks a lot for everything!
Thanks for all those years, HorribleSubs!
Thanks for all these years HS. You have been a big part of my pirating life
I still can't believe we won't see HS's releases anymore. 2020 is a bad dream, I must wake up quickly.
Thanks for everything, Horriblesubs, I will Miss HS FOREVER :(
Thanks and goodbye HS.
Why would they upload this if they then stop doing anything. It makes 0 sense
Wow, first Erai Subs, now HS... wtf is going on. RIP
Thank you for all these years, had you guys on favorite bar for a couple of seasons now, RIP
Oyasemi HorribleSubs, you've changed my life ever and forever. It's time to go to sleep now.
you know horrible subs is serious when their rss feed gives a 404 error, rip horrible subs thanks for everything.
Thank you very much! You were horrible until the end, always loved your website descriptions, very ballsy!
Man! who would have thought that this is the end.
can't believe this, holy fuck . what a shit year
Corona-chan did both HS and Trump in one sweep.
F, will be missed
Hope you come back someday, even if you said its the end now. Thanks for all the work
Thanks a lot for all those years!
Thanks for all the years, it wouldn't be the same without you!
Good night sweet prince
Thank you for all of the years HorribleSubs.
Thank you for all these years, see ya!
Thank you for all those years! F
Thanks for all the years
@Rowan >designs are dogshit and the character proportions are inconsistent and oddly drawn. There are some serious quality issues here Is this bait? lol go rewatch the original, you'd have to try to have less consistency than that. Anyways thanks HorribleSubs! Can't believe it's over
anime horror at 2020 PepeLaugh
Get me on the screenshot
Thou shall be remembered. RIP
Rest in peace. Thank you Horriblesubs for making horriblen't fansubs Also why's your name is horriblesubs your subs isnt even horrible more like Beautifulsubs
Fck how worser can 2020 get? RIP HS Thanks for the amazing efforts till now <3
Thank you HorribleSubs F
RIP that first Comment and HS.
Thank HS for all these years.
sankyuu 4 you are services F in peace
And then fast-forward a few weeks later when they come back because weaponized autism can fix anything. Just like Nyaa came back a few weeks later. And just like E-Hentai came back a few weeks later. How have you idiots not learned this song and dance by now? lmao Even if HS themselves don't come back some other group will take their place, everyone is expendable. Erai has been around for a few years and they've been consistently better than HS.
oyasuminasai F ;(
Thanks HS for providing content since the end of fansub for more than 10 years! RIP
@Hermandshot idk.. the world has changed so much.. such things happening means that people actually have to do something. its better to never rely too much on the work of others
@HorribleSubs Thank you so much for everything, it's been a long time and I will miss you :') I wish you guys nice rest of your lives.
Thanks for everything guys, you will be missed! 2020 ruining lives more and more...
Thanks HorribleSubs, you did good for the community.
Rest easy, good friend.
thanks for everything really appreciate it hope you'll be back someday
Press S to spit on HorribleSubs SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS fuck you retards and fuck all the people thanking you, someone else will just rip CR
What if ending Horrible-Subs was the goal of new Higurashi. And they'll just get replaced by other rippers
exactly. HS didn't do anything, they had a script that ripped CR automatically and make it ready to torrent or download via xdcc automatically.... almost zero manual labor included
I was here as well when it ended! Thank you HS for all the years~
Fuck HS and fuck crunchyroll Good riddance maybe now we will see more fansub groups and I won't have to see "onee-sama" translated into "missy"
Honorifics always prevail
> maybe now we will see more fansub groups and I won’t have to see “onee-sama” translated into “missy” my sides
inb4 they rebrand and come back as a diff name to avoid the legal troubles the HS name probably got them into
The idiots who think this is trash because it's from a visual novel are missing out a lot lmao
I'm surprised they started a new series after announcing they're shutting down. I guess their CR subscription hasn't expired yet.
Been with you since the beginning. Thanks for the over decade of service. It was a good ride and one I won't forget.
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