Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Fine English Subs (Needs work)

2020-09-30 21:07 UTC
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A youtuber made some English subs for the Saekano movie using a camrip over a month ago. I asked if they could provide the subs so that others can work on them. I received the subs as a .srt file but as I had trouble opening them in Aegisub, I've converted it into .ass. I'm not too sure about the quality of the subs, but they'll definitely require editing and timing fixes for use on BDs. I'd do it, but I'm an amateur when it comes to timing, and only know elementary-level Japanese. If anyone wants to try and use the subs as a base to make something better, go ahead.

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pretty sure it was Spanish -> English good luck with that
Wtf with this movie! No one wants to translate it.
2hrs movie so it takes ages
\>thinking fansubs are still alive in 2020
2020 took everything precious.
>thinking fansubs are still alive in 2020 they are though you can watch it in Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish apparently nobody cares 'bout Engrish
most people don't like competing with official subs for some reason
Official subs are planned for this?
where can I find the spanish subs? I'm willing to help translate spanish -> english
**@matheousse** No one knows if it will ever get licensed, or come out on USBD. High doubts. No idea where this will go.
@Hintze you can google it, ya know. Oh, almost forgot that Latam people are genetically handicapped. Here it is:
>Official subs are planned for this? i mean in general. lots of people stopped fansubbing because everything they were interested in got licensed, so fansubs barely got any downloads anymore.
This film, as the entire series, is shit. You aren't really missing anything if this goes unsubbed. Actually, it'll be better for everyone.
>This film, as the entire series, is shit. You aren’t really missing anything if this goes unsubbed. Actually, it’ll be better for everyone. Pretty sure you could have enjoyed the entire series if your parents weren't siblings
@Interruptor This series, shit? Say that to the 9/10 that S2 has on my book my man.
**@vakeray** Already have gotten pissed off by him many times. Named Interruptor for a reason. Just ignore the dude. Just a jerk in general. Would never even watch this series, (not my thing) but that doesn't mean it's shit.
Mad cuz bad, both of you.
I shall try this and see what I can do with it.
@ShinMugetsu2000 pls and thx in advance
Hey guys, a bit late, but i have made an edited version of the english subs that makes it more managable to read here : I know its not perfect but its all i can do as i cant read or speak japanese. I hope you guys enjoy it!