[ReMux] Made in Abyss - Dawn of the Deep Soul[BD][1080p][HEVC][FLAC5.1].mkv

2020-09-26 09:19 UTC
[ReMux] Made in Abyss - Dawn of the Deep Soul[BD][1080p][HEVC][FLAC5.1]
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3.9 GiB
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Version with 5.1 surround sound + English subs Video + Audio encoded from BDMV release: https://nyaa.si/view/1283326 Video: x265 HVEC CRF 17 Profile=main10 Audio: Track 1: FLAC 5.1 Language: Japanese Track 2: FLAC 2.0 Language: Japanese Subtitles taken as is from retimed Doshigata release: https://nyaa.si/view/1283580 Language: English Credit goes to BDMVs for the original source Doshigata for the initial translation AbysmalHuman for the retiming

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  • [ReMux] Made in Abyss - Dawn of the Deep Soul[BD][1080p][HEVC][FLAC5.1].mkv (3.9 GiB)
Remux > Tagged as remake > HEVC CRF 17 bad meme
So many things wrong with this release.
Okay so whats wrong with this release?
Really? A 4gb remux and you don't see the problem?
fruitsbasket81 he probably genuinely doesnt know what is wrong with the release and is asking for information, so why do you have to be such a moronic fuck and antagonize other people for not being knowledgeable enough on fuckin anime pirating remuxes? such a deluded cunt for someone with a fruitsbasket username
> Okay so whats wrong with this release? Basically, it has remux in the tag. Remux is used for untouched blurays in .mkv format, once you encode it it's a BDrip. This is a BDrip, but it's labelled as a remux.
@SeaSmoke : [ReMux] is obviously an uploader tag, it has nothing to do with the video itself.. The capital letters in it should've helped you understand that, as well as the position the "ReMux" is.. Usually it's placed at the end of the title, not at the beginning (beginning = uploader/group tag).. Didn't think you were "that" dumb... And yea, it might screw some dudes rss configurations that they have with their torrent client, but the dude still has the right to choose his own tag so whatever..
Using such a stupid tag is still bad. People will get confused more ofter than not.
This release is good, the only problem the tagging and naming This must be not mark as a remake cuz of the source material is from a raw BD The remux is moving a file into a container format without modifying them such as [Audio Video and Subs].
> [ReMux] is obviously an uploader tag, it has nothing to do with the video itself… That's not the point m8, RSS feeds are case insensitive so anyone running a RSS to pick up BDMV+Remuxes will have this pop up in it, which is annoying. Pretty sure Sonarr/Radarr will also pick this up as a remux. I could tell from the remake flag and the HEVC in the title that it's not a real remux, but for anyone using automation software or RSS, or even for anyone not paying much attention, this is confusing. It's just better to not use common words like this in a tag. Now I can use [God of High School - EP 13] in the tag for an upload of a totally unrelated show if I wanted to troll people, and I'm pretty sure a couple hundred RSS feeds will grab it (bonus points if I include HorribleSubs in the tag). Stuff like that happens which is why it's a bad practice. Also btw the guy right above me seems to have gotten confused and thinks it's a remux lol. This is exactly why these kind of tags are bad.
RSS pulling is for lazy people, so sorry to not feel sorry about these people that now need to reconfigure their config to avoid the uploads using this tag.. I don't see any issue with his tag other than the RSS (that I don't care about) and I'd encourage him to keep it.
Literally no one asked for your opinion and even a normal guy got confused because of the tag as you can see in the comment above mine. It's just wrong. I'm not telling anyone to change anything though, all I did was answer @addetor's question.
@SeaSmoke : Sorry, cause someone ever asked for yours ? If you're not happy with the tag, don't worry, it's probably been noticed by the uploader, move on.
I never gave any opinion? Just answered a question I saw. You're the one trying to stir up drama by being hostile.
@SeaSmoke I'm not saying this is remux i'm just explaining what the differences of remux and the remake
#### I know reason why he/she did this naming 1st. he / she re encode the video that's why the remake --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd. he / she put [remux] name tag cuz it's remux the audio from BD source -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Why put Remux as your tag if you're not gonna upload a remux release pretty dumb of people here arguing about it. Also when the wait will end for quality subs?
well he did "ReMux" everything minus the video
He didn't remux the audio either. This release is FLAC and the BD is PCM.
i doubt he grab a different audio source
No but he did encode it to FLAC, making it not a remux. A remux is untouched.
Yeah this isn't a remux in any sense. The video is reencoded to HEVC, the audio to FLAC and subs are from another release. Nothing is untouched from the BDMV.
Apart from all the BS in comments, thanks to uploader for good copy.
so idc abt all that, i just wanna know subs are good?