[Orphan] Saiyuuki (1960) (1280 x 544)

2020-09-26 00:03 UTC
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Orphan Fansubs presents a high-definition (720p, actually 1280 x 544) version of the 1960 Toei anime movie *Saiyuuki*, also known as *Journey to the West*. This version is based on an HDTV capture of the recent 4K remastering. The colors are much more vibrant than the DVD version (or the "1080p" raw that's been on nyaa since 2017), and the image stability is better, but the video still isn't good enough to justify 1080p. That will have to wait for a physical Blu-ray or UHD Blu-ray release. For more information, see [this blog entry](https://collectr.blogspot.com/2020/09/saiyuuki-1960-hd.html). ![screencap](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zFudN8z9ye8/X25RJkdxMyI/AAAAAAAABBo/0I_HeQ1q4yARzJrAT6SMyNGNIfp1yIZWACLcBGAsYHQ/s1280/%255Braw%255D%2BSaiyuki%2B%25281960%2529%2B%2528720p%2529%2B%255B544A01F4%255D_001_93840.png) This release, and all Orphan releases, are available for direct download from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on irc.rizon.net. **Another dumb naming mistake. The file should be: *[Orphan] Saiyuuki (1960) (544p) [6BB1196F].mkv*. Please rename the file after seeding is complete.**

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  • [Orphan] Saiyuki (1960) (544p) [6BB1196F].mkv (5.9 GiB)
does that weird resolution mean that it was re encoded

archivisth (uploader)

The "weird resolution" is the original movie's ultra-wide screen aspect ratio (2.35:1) applied to a 1280 width - same as Cleopatra and Sen'ya Ichiya Monogatari. We could have made it 1280 x 720 by leaving 88 pixels of black bars at top and bottom. Would you have preferred that? As an HDTV capture, it's encoded (not re-encoded).
ok.. was just wondering why it was like that but i understand now
I missing "u", so this torrent will be unsearchable.
Very nice! Will you also sub hakujaden and Wanpaku Ouji no Orochi Taiji bdrip?

archivisth (uploader)

@Spc_away - fixed the torrent, but you'll have to fix the file name yourself. Sorry. @RyzakiT - as always, translations are the issue. The fansub script for Hakujaden, in particular, needs checking and song translation.
Will you guys sub the tale of Genji movie bdrip?