[Orphan] Waza no Tabibito (DVD)

2020-09-18 19:07 UTC
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Orphan Fansubs presents the first English version of the 2011 OVA *Waza no Tabibito* (*Skills Journey*). This is a 3D CGI anime set into a tropey post-apocalyptic fantasy landscape. "Stylish warrior" Techni Debugger is on a journey to practice her *wazans* (skills or techniques). She encounters an embattled group of survivors fighting biomonsters that feed on human life force. For more information, see [this blog entry](https://collectr.blogspot.com/2020/09/waza-no-tabibito.html). The OVA is pretty to look at, but the plot and characters are a muddle of anime cliches: ![screencap](https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-u7hH-nemMz0/X2TghsnrcII/AAAAAAAABBA/1L5Fdo_GcjYLu-yiu9F0_WWc1msrGfXjwCLcBGAsYHQ/s853/Waza%2Bno%2BTabibito%2B%2528DVD%2B720x480%2Bx264%2BAAC%2529%2B%255B8EA33433%255D_001_16455.png) Still, it stars Kugimiya Rie, so what do you have to lose? The encode was done by tipota, from a Japanese DVD. This release, and all Orphan releases, are available for direct download from IRC bot Orphan|Arutha in channels #nibl or #news on irc.rizon.net.

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Whoa, been looking for a english release of this forever!! Thank you so much! As a KugiRie fan, I highly appreciate this!
Never heard of it, thanks as always!
Thanks Orphan for always translating rare/obscure stuff! :)