Made in Abyss Dawn of the Deep Soul [1080p] [WEB-DL] [English Sub]

2020-09-18 15:17 UTC
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Downloaded from Eventive. English hard-subtitled version, with two episodes of Marulk's Daily Life after the credit.

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thank you.
Another one with a strange audio. Is that from Eventive, or is it difficult to record the audio, or something..?
if he recorded the audio then it would be wrong to call it WEBDL
Debating on whether or not I should just wait a week for the bluray
The audio is shit and the video has stupid amounts of banding and blocking. Unless you've got less than a week left to live it would be better to just wait for the BD.
☝️ ☝️ ☝️
Thanks but, no thanks.
Someone know if the site itself has crap audio?
I downloaded it and the audio is actually pretty good. Idk what you guys are talking about but it seems fine for me
^ same, I'm still gonna wait for the blu ray though
I agree from what I tested. The audio in this release seems fine. I could see what was wrong in the previous release, but not here. Is it some pedantic thing I'm too pleb to notice like video quality past a certain point?
You guys sure you're not confusing this one with the screen capture torrent? The audio/video on this one are perfect.
The way people say another one seems to indicate they're not confused. Maybe some pedantic thing you don't notice unless you're an audio expert or something?. I'm reminded of that one episode of Akiba's Trip and how weirdo perfectionist audiofags can be
The audio is bad only with the FIRST line of nanachi, the rest is fine. Video is perfectly good too, it has some minor compression artifacts in places where it shouldn't but it's in really specific places and not really that noticeable.
Well, I just watched the beginning, and it seemed that the sound came from a radio. But well, if you guys are saying it is fine, I will test it later.
If you spend your whole live watching anime on garbage streaming sites like k*ss you won't even notice. Here you can see and in case you don't know what it means I can tell you that in comparison youtube quality is on avarage far, far better - except maybe from old non-remastered music from 90s. Just 1:30 minute in the show hearing Nanachi speak made me cringe externally. That's really low tier mp3 shit. Video quality is ok when show is in powerpoint mode, when animation hits you can see artifacts size of mooncrater, due to hardsubbing and reencoding video again for your web-viewing experience, by setting up aq-mode flag to 3 etc. see for yourself. And no, this is no imgur compressing.
Thanks, usagiaddict. c:
Thanks for proving me right. Those images tells me nothing as a simple pleb who isn't anbnoxious audio and video perfectionist bitching about whatever pedantic nonsense only others in your cults of audio and video experts care about And no, I don't ever watch shit on streaming sites. I torrent everything I watch. But you weirdos are too triggered by people not caring about your nonsense perfectionism so gotta look down on those who aren't like you.Just deal with the fact not everyone cares about your nonsense standards for what is good video and audio quality and shut up
@usagiaddict Wait, are you saying that the original webdl files are softsubbed and the uploader reencoded them, or that the people in charge of the virtual theater setup shat the bed?
@viliml I don't know, but given we only have hardsubs available I'd guess it's the latter. @bassgs435 you made three comments, all of them pressumming you're pleb, not an expert et al. and still having considerable ammount of butthurt when confrontend by undeniable state of things. Watch whatever you want, use binoculars and stream audio via walkie-talkie, I don't care. I gave everyone solid information so they might consider it before downloading this and similiar webdl releases. As to being triggered: it's called projecting and it's not healthy behavior. Have a nice day.
The one buthurt and triggered here is the weirdo who made a nonsense rant with nonsense images to prove himself right because he can't stand others not caring for his weirdo video and audio perfectionism. The one who came here to say everyone who doesn't find a problem watches shitty stream sites. When anyone who uses such sites doesn't know or care about this site and wouldn't come to comments Stop being buthur not everyone cares about your weirdo perfectionism. Also, I called myself a pleb ironically to indicate I'm not one of the few audio and video perfectionist weirdos who care about the nonsense from your images There's no thing undeniable. I can deny easily because I see and hear nothing wrong. And that's good. I don't wanna be one of you weirdos who need private torrent sites to search for rare torrents because public ones have whatever weird flaw in video and audio. All you're doing is proving I'm right about you people getting alarmed at minimal shit and seeing normal people who don't care about it as inferior and plebs People have been watching camrips for this and HFIII. No way this is worse than the camrips. So patiently wait for BDs if you find these rips not adequate


Any chance of the English dub version its out
For anyone that's just a normal person that's been dying to see the movie; this release is 100% fine. The audio is great and the picture quality is good.
@bassgs435 his images aren't nonsense, you're just too dumb to understand them also your nonsense rant is twice as long, y so mad?
@bassgs435, Perhaps you should stop looking at the images on a gameboy screen and you might see the issues.
If I need to understand the images to see the issues, there aren't any issues and it's some minimal shit blown out of proportion by perfectionist weirdos. Also, if I need some supah expensive, supah modern supah perfect hyper instict screen to see the issues, they don't matter. Why are you weirdos so mad about people who don't care about shit only your oh so great and divine cabal of video and audio weirdos cares about?. You people are obnoxious The only issues that deserve callout are the ones any pleb like me can notice simply watching the movie, like I did for the first rip of this private screening thing When I don't notice them and you need to point to images not every pleb can understand, then it's fine even if not perfect and even if not the best and it doesn't desrve getting called out as unwatchable garbage
words words words ?
if you're fine with doggy doodoo picture quality and sound nobody is stopping you from downloading this. The rest of us can wait for a better release.
That's the thing. You people are lying when saying the image and sound is shit. It isn't .. It's only so to obnoxious pedantic fucks hyperfocusing on finding God knows what flaws and them trying to act like authorities and looking down on normal people who don't care about whatever nonsense makes people like you outrage. Stiop lying already, obnoxious fucks
They are not really lying though? Something can look like total shit to one person and like gold to another. To me (and a friend that only really watches stuff off of streaming sites) the visual and audio quality of this encode leaves a lot to be desired and we have already waited months for the movie so we can wait a few more days for a much better experience with the blu rays. (thank you for the web-dl though it is helpful)
Everyone talking about the BluRay coming out next week, meanwhile English dub fans still can't even get the first 2 movies on BluRay
It’s cringy that almost everyone on here expects perfection (as if they/you digitally brought the stuff yourselves) for obviously pirated content. Grow a pair and just say thanks instead of the bitchy ranting 24/7 for free stuff someone was willing to make public for everyone.
Thanks to uploader for sharing, skimmed through and it's perfectly watchable for me.
Watched it to completion. Can confirm everyone complaining about it being unwatchable is lying. It may have flaws if you're the kinda person who cares about perfect audio and video and can notice whatever flaws I don't, but all the complaining is exaggerated lies from a cult that accepts nothing but their way. ç That said, I'll rewatch when the BD release comes.
Anyone that doesn't download their music in flac format and listen on $1000+ setups can watch this with pleasure. The video is also perfectly fine, it's just self important fart sniffers bashing on this.
Do you guys honestly not see the artifacts in the image posted above? Even when looking closely? Something is clearly wrong with the video.
yikes, the audio cuts off at 15KHz... sounds terrible on my system. so much video compression artifacts too. <- this is really unexcusable.
dub is out already we need someone to download it
I can't tell if you guys are trolling or not but if you can't see any video artefacts in this then you either have a display from the 2000s or need to consult an optician immediately.
I mean I get not caring about shitty a/v but denying it so hard that you get butthurt when someone points that out is just stupid.
I bought the dub; does anyone know how to properly rip on Eventive? It has DRM.
If you're ready to end years of waiting for the sequel, this is your fix. Perfectly watchable. If you want a carbon copy for your archives or something that won't trigger your nit picking disorder, blu rays in a week.


Come on can anyone rip the dub?
@nintyfan4k find someone who knows how to break WideVine DRM.
@nintyfan4k send your Eventive account to asenstonv at
I am not much of an audiophile but even for me, this is garbage quality audio. This is one my favorite show with one of my favorite composers, I think I'll refrain from listening to this one and wait for the BD release. About the video though, I couldn't care less about some artifacts. @bassgs435 You need to chill, you're embarrassing yourself.
now i understand why official anime releases are often so bad and why no improvements happen..
"exaggerated lies from a cult that accepts nothing but their way" lmao. It's clearly better than a camrip, but also clearly worse than your average stream. Much closer to kiss quality than a proper webdl. If you want a nice watching experience, ignore people like bassgs435 who settle for poor quality and wait for an acceptable release.
So much butthurt about a perfectly watchable rip. A tiny bit of blockiness and people are going "omg unwatchable garbage." This is a stream rip, I expect compression artefacts in video and audio. Why do you guys think actual sub groups are dying out? Even speed subbers are gone. People don't care as much as you want to think that they do about perfect quality. You are a minority if you are looking for high quality releases. People care about it being watchable enough. Once it reaches that level, they stop caring. And I am one of those people that would prefer better quality, but I am realistic about these things and don't come in to crap in the releases' comments section because this is, for most people, just fine.
A part of the beginning sounds a little tinny, but I didn't notice it for the rest of the movie. Audio and video quality are fine. Don't think I've ever been so mad during a movie. Makes me think I haven't even felt ager in years. You'll know when you see it.
why are there only parts 2 and 4 of the Marulk shorts?
Trash release. Wait.
@shades this release is appreciated but in no way "good enough" of course we look for perfection when available; otherwise i will just stream it from a fastfood anime streaming site. @nintyfan4k do screen grab for now and share it. i dont think anyone ever released the dub so far.
thank you nyaa elitists never seem to disappoint me when complaining about stuff
Thanks! Great copy! For those wondering if it's worth downloading - there is LITERALLY NOTHING WRONG WITH EITHER THE AUDIO OR VIDEO QUALITY! can't believe people are actually complaining about this.
This is great, and thanks for including the Marulk shorts. Hopefully the BD will have all 4 of them.
Nothing wrong with the video quality ? ![]( It's watchable, nothing more.. Not worse than some CR releases though, to be fair..
OKAY lmfao. I literally just watched it myself and it's actually fine. Unless you have a neckbeard and/or some mental disorder, go ahead and watch it. Everyone complaining here can be classified as "weird"
As the guy who did the "Enhance" version, I literally do not give two shits about the visual quality as this is the full 1080p movie and it's good enough for 99% of us minus the visualphiles who have nothing better to do but stare at individual pixels all day. The audio, on the other hand, is missing the entire lower end and it messes with the music, which is a deal-breaker for me for this release. I'm going to wait for the Blu-ray.
people pirating and then complaining to the uploader is the best. They don't buy the real shyt and just straight away complaining about quality content is the best. Their demands of having best quality pirated content without paying a single cent is the best. its like, they're some typical noble from some isekai world. chill some fck guys, be thankful that at least we got some option for something that was initially just released in japan's cinema only. or is it that, you'd like to watch on camrip forever?
thanks guys, i'll wait
yup looks good!
@Bigbeans Even photographic evidence won't convince people who don't know any better or have dogshit standards. BDs are out in less than a week, we've waited much longer than that for this movie already so it doesn't make sense why people would want to settle for this release with compression artifacts up the ass and awful sound quality. Then again you shouldn't expect much in the way of standards from streamfags.
Again with the streamfag boogeyman. No streamfag is gonna come here to comment here. They stick to whatever sites they use, and only switch to other stream sites. They'd never come to a torrent site's comment section. With the BD out, I don't give a fuck about this release anymore, but I still feel the need to comment on the utterly ridiculous idea of any streamfag coming here, but I guess the cultists gotta come up with something. They need some group to throw outsiders into. It can't be them who are weirdos, it needs to be everyone else who belongs in an inferior group, while the weirdo perfectionists are normal and their whining is normal. They don't want to face the reality that no matter how mocking they are in comments or how much they complain, it's them who are weird and abnormal. The reality that the imaginary streamfags who'd come here don't exist. Because that means their excuse of people defending this only because they're used to shitty stream sites doesn't work. They can't face the reality that this release is fine and is liked by normal people who aren't streamfags. Because, as I said, they're cultists who can't tolerate anything that goes against their narrative
It's been a week of you beeing in full damage control mode, defensive as fuck, projecting and preaching bullshittery out of your high horse. Show me on this doll where nyaa elitist has touched you.
The ones on damage control are you people talking about imaginary streamfags who aren’t here. I lef the day of release after watching the movie and leaving a final comnent. Came to check due to curiosity today and had to leave a comment after seeing you people still mocking those who disagree with you as streamfags, which I’ve already explained is nonsensical. So I haven’t been doing it for a week But you people are already stablished liars, so more lies is nothing new. Also, my comment today was me explaining why calling people streamfags makes no sense and my own personal pet theory about why you people resort to such nonsensical statements, not to defend anything As an aside, posting those hyper zoomed images isn't the epic evidence you people love to think it is. It is to me no different from those zoomed screencaps of inbeetween frames to complain about QUALITY, so it's only evidence of you people being the same kind of obnoxious nitpicky lying complainers as the people who do that. Keep that in mind for the future
> (...) and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”
It’s you people recoiling as you’re found out making shit up constantnly like streamfags being here or me being at this for a week instead of a few hours total
@bassgs435 Get better eyes and ears.
The audio isn't the best on this, not the uploaders fault it was like that on the stream, but the subtitles and translation is fantastic! Good work Jake Jung.