[Pizza] Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katri no Nazotoki File - 11 [BD 1080p][x264][Opus 2.0] [halp pls]

2020-09-17 15:33 UTC
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Source: JPBD Audio: jpn, Opus 2.0 @160kbps Subs: eng, Dreamless (re-timed and edited by me) Rescaled (FSRCNNX_x2_56-16-4-1), lightly denoised, debanded scene-by-scene, applied anti-aliasing and adaptive grain and zoned problematic scenes. Detail- and texturemasked. For the subs I did the following: - Localized Dreamless Honorifics Track to be more consistent with amount of localization present in edited Saizen subs - Mimicked Saizen typesetting (doing a hackjob for the masking of hints by using the same color always) - Retimed the subs (snapping to keyframes, lead-ins added manually because the subs were that all over the place) - Edited the subs in places so they read better and don't look as ugly with the Saizen styling/fit the overlay styling - Minor tweaks like stuttering (X-xxx -> X-Xxx), handling of in-universe titles/italicization, and dashes (hyphens to em-dashes where appropriate) - Added catchphrases from Saizen subs for consistency - Fixed grammar and spelling issues - Three rounds of QCing and facepalming at stupid mistakes (tfw found another spelling mistake from the original script on fourth watch, 09:36) Editing the subs took me way more time than it should and it is the main reason this release has been so slow. I look like an old grandma typing with two-finger hawk attacks trying to work in Aegisub and could really use the help from someone more experienced in the process to speed up the releases. If you would be willing to help out—even just for a few episodes—I'll gladly take any help I can get. Please contact me over Discord if you have any interest in helping. Huge thanks to Koopz for letting me use his server to host my encodes, as well as to those who’ve helped me out by sending suggestions. If you find any issues with this release or would like to help me retiming, editing and restyling the Pitohui subs, please DM me on Discord: Moelancholy#6036 Should there be any issues, they will be addressed in the batch release.

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  • [Pizza] Layton Mystery Tanteisha Katri no Nazotoki File - 11.mkv (380.3 MiB)