[M2TS] Dragon Ball Z - Level 2.1 (035-039) [Custom Blu-ray]

2020-09-16 23:34 UTC
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I can't really remember who to credit, but I recall I downloaded it from Kametsu. Thanks to those who made this possible. I should note that the XBL DBZ Level episodes were only 1.70 GB large so this is admittedly a lot larger than it should be. The reason the 1.70 GB episodes aren't available for download is because they're DRM'd and split in to several hundred of files, so this is the next best solution.

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I think it was someone called DragonClawZ
It was 'DragonClawZ' & 'Arian' who ripped them from xbox Live Video.
DragonClawZ, amazing fellow. Helped me out a lot back in the day.

Impakt (uploader)

That's him. I knew he was from Australia/NZ by the name.
not to be that guy, but it's "DragoonClawNZ" lol
If you make an ISO image of this so you can play it on a computer, there is a credits section on the title menu which gives the proper credits and I think even says the source of the audio. There was originally no English audio and subtitles from the video (I don’t know why), but it had to be added and synced to make this custom Blu-ray. Each episode without the English audio and subtitles was 3GB. @Impakt I would love to have those 1.70 GB episodes. The split files should be able to be joined using ffmpeg without reencoding (concatenate). I do that all the time with .ts files when downloading a streaming video by finding the file links using the inspect tool in google chrome. I’ve never tried removing DRM protection, but a google search seems to show it is possible. I would try to fix up those files without reencoding if I could get a copy of them.
I just happened to have one of my other hard drives plugged in which had this Blu-ray on it, so I thought I would copy and paste here the info I saved from the Blu-ray title menu credits section. Video: XBox Live Video Store Audio: Dragon Ball Z Season 1 Blu-ray (Blue Bricks) Subtitles: Dragon Ball Z Season 1 Blu-ray (Blue Bricks) & Customized to match Level 1.1/1.2 style. Episodes Captured from: XBox Live Video by Arian Finalized and Blu-ray: Authored by Dragoonclawnz It would be nice if someone who knows Arian could contact him and ask him to upload to nyaa the original captured files that Impakt mentioned. If there is a way to remove the DRM without reencoding, I will find it. If there is no way to do that, then maybe in the future a tool will become available to do that, or maybe the DRM can be bypassed and the files could at least be played. At the very least, those files should be preserved.

Impakt (uploader)

I used to have those 1.70GB files, but I ended up deleting 'cause they felt pointless as no one could make anything out of them.
That's too bad. But it's good to know that they are obtainable in some way, even if they aren't publicly available. I'll be checking back here every once and a while for probably a long while to see if anyone can help. I would love to see a torrent of that pop up on nyaa one day.