Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Brand New Story 1080p WEB HEVC

2020-09-16 13:53 UTC
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Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Brand New Story 1st session This is the archive for those who purchased and couldn't watch recorded using AMD VCE. I didn't want to spend time cutting so please excuse the first 20 seconds.

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  • Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Brand New Story.mp4 (19.2 GiB)
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: To everyone who is downloading this, please don't share anything at all thru social medias or YouTube. It's gonna put in risk of international fans for upcoming lives like Aqours Lost World and others. Dream Land!Dream World! was leaked but they removed it along with Mirai Harmony. Sing & Smile as of 9/16/2020 10:54AM CST was uploaded and it's yet to be removed. If you love Love Live!, don't share them anywhere where Lantis could see. Thank you and enjoy!
^ What they said. People who upload to YouTube and/or social media are ruining it for everyone else. Don't be that guy. Be glad that we're able to enjoy this live in the comfort of our homes, but do not take it for granted. It may not be true for future lives.
So I didn't buy the tickets so I know I'm in no position to beg or compain, but: Would it be possible to rip the stream directly, in order to get the best quailty possible atm? Some online kpop concerts used Brightcove and ripping the VODs was easy when using youtube-dl and ffmpeg, you just need the .m3u8 URL.
i tried using youtube-dl but i didnt try too hard. you can test around with the test stream they provided: the archive stream requires you to enter your order number, it generates a link sent to your email, you open it and then it provides a unique link and a key to open the link (which acts as a password of sorts) truthfully you arent gonna get a whole lot more from ripping the stream directly because the live stream itself was pretty bitrate starved especially during flashy parts (diver diva comes to mind). if you want the best quality you'll simply have to wait for BDs to come out.
yes, if you want the best quality just wait for the blu ray. Thanks to the uploader.
There's no point in stopping people not to download since usual BD/LV stuffs were be always on torrents anyway (and of course, even people who paid for the tickets will likely download them to rewatch) but this time is a bit more serious case than usual since the company/LL managements' source of income will be through online live viewing online and they might take more drastic actions/measures if they heavily pop up on Youtube/Social Media or anywhere else. Please only keep them for yourself, thanks!
Just make this content like the Sattelite version then. U know the BD version is already edited? No complain lah, just grab this stuff and watch/rewatch :D
2 days has passed by... Instagram has so many leaks from the live.
duh.. the reason i don't like those kinds of uploader on insta..
This is the 1st session of day 1. Going to get the 2nd session? (being replayed for paid ticket holders at 6pm JST on Saturday) Both day 1 sessions had the same set list, but different camera focuses.
im sure someone else will but you can already watch all lives on bilibili. the second session was better imo the first was like a warm up run
Can some please upload it in 720p?
waiting for the 2nd session