[Riten Kyo classics] Terra Formars Revenge Earth OAD 02 The time for Invoking.mkv

2020-09-16 12:39 UTC
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Yo' After the successful release and the gratitude and acclaim we received for our hardsubs and perfect translations almost like professional netflix, we come back again in full force bringing you your FAVORITE Hardsubs OAD of TERRA FORMARS OAD 2 "The time of Invoking" Just a reminder that nobody in the 90's complained for hardsubs in VHS, so when you download this, Be Kind, Rewind. Oh? wait what? you don't like it because it has hardsubs, let me run to refund the money you paid for this....Ok, Done. Many kind folks from the Terra Formars discord funded the translation of this OAD (and no, google translate didn't write the "Anthroditors" explanations from "Zinkan" I had to do a lot of research on this) so, the heroes are them, not me 🙂 This is the second part in the prologue of THE EARTH CHAPTER that is starting on the magazine. This OAD (original Anime Dvd) was released in a bundle along with Volume 22 on November 18 2018!!! 9/16/2020.....People still wanted to see this subbed... Why did it took so long to be subbed? well, no thanks to the dude that keep asking "when someone else will do it?" (LOL, AS IF!!) No thanks to all the fluent professors of Japanese language that, for some reason, come here just to download this to complain about translations and giving zero positive feedback two weeks ago. It was done by selfless and dedicated old school fansubbers that used classic tricks to make it happen. If you don't like it...well...Why are you watching it? But don't matter, we will see you again in 2026 when Volume 23 and 24 come again with another OAD, but many, many thanks to all the friends in the Terra Formars Discord for all the positive input and motivation to finish these abandoned OADS... and for the ones with complaints and grievances... Tell them to PAC-MAN...He'll get your point.... Till the next release (which is sooner than you expect) Peace Out!! Don't let the Terra Formars Bite...JOOOOJOOOO......

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  • [Riten Kyo classics] Terra Formars Revenge Earth OAD 02 The time for Invoking.mkv (323.0 MiB)
The return of Ichido the memelord
Great Quality work! 10/10 would watch again
@PAC-MAN Why doesn't nyaa have comment notifications?
> Just a reminder that nobody in the 90’s complained for hardsubs in VHS 🤦‍♂️
![notto disu shitto agen](https://files.catbox.moe/0ysabl.jpg)
they skipped a bunch of stuff it seems between the ending of season 2 and these ova's,. don't really want to read the manga to find out what happened so I'm gonna treat these last two episodes as the finale for the adaptation. sincerely doubt we will ever have a third season after this decision. this was most likely a treat to manga readers after the manga was on hiatus for a while I think, and I'm assuming ending of season 2 was the intended finale for the adaptation.
This release has the sole purpose of trolling Herkz, 2020 hardsubs can't possibly have any other explanation