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Thanks for the new episode! Tiny mistake though. The rest of Scavenger knows Seike is a guy (as is revealed in future chapters of the manga), and thus wouldn't call him a "she". Hence the line "First, we should join up with Seike. She should be heading back our way." is incorrect and better off reworded.

GoodJobMedia (uploader)

Honestly thought we fixed that. Interesting. We're very much aware of the gender, so this is probably an editing typo.
Welcome back GJM
Editor here; just confirmed the manga details with @Razorhead. The events they're referencing only indicate the rest of the group is aware of Seike's assigned sex; it doesn't tell us their gender identity. So as the editor, this leaves me in the same position as before release. Seike was fairly clearly assigned male at birth, wears very feminine clothing, uses crass masculine speech patterns (though no more so than many tomboyish female anime characters, as our TLC notes), avoids using women's bathrooms (as is true of many gender-non-conforming people), and presents a generally feminine appearance. It seems apparent that the other members of Scavenger know how they identify. This means I have a few options: - Assume they identify as a male crossdresser - Assume they identify as non-binary with ambiguous presentation - Assume they identify as a trans woman with butch presentation - Make no assumptions, and write the rest of Scavenger's dialogue to never use gendered language for them (using generic "they" doesn't work in that context; they're obviously aware of Seike’s identity, so that would just imply they're non-binary) The last option is used in Japanese, where referring to people in gendered (or explicitly-generic) ways is easy to avoid; it's not so easy to get away with in English without writing some pretty stilted lines. So this is a case where an english translation needs to decide on an interpretation, meaning the subs will reflect how the team understands the character after discussion. Considering all the available information, we’re interpreting her as a butch trans woman. That interpretation is consistent with real people I know who present very similarly. Is that what Kamachi intended her to be? Dunno! But it's as valid an interpretation as any, and a translation represents the translator and editor's interpretation of the source material. Other folks might read it differently, and those readings are also valid. But unless the source material clarifies things, this is what we've landed on.
This is grossly incorrect. In the original manga, Seike does not refer to himself as a "she" but as a male. Seike is a crossdresser and he fully accepts that he is a male even stating that they got the same "thing" down there to Mikoto whom he assumes to be male. I would suggest reading up on the original manga and learning the sort of context used there to confirm translations, because this can cause massive misunderstandings regarding Seike's character. Seike is crossdressing