[JustBLThings-aarinfantasy] Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai - The Clouds Gather (Twittering Birds Never Fly)

2020-09-13 15:45 UTC
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#### Title: **Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather** /// **囀る鳥は羽ばたかない - The clouds gather** + Plot: *Yashiro is the young leader of Shinseikai and the president of the Shinseikai Enterprise, but like so many powerful men, he leads a double life as a deviant and a masochist. Doumeki Chikara comes to work as a bodyguard for him and, although Yashiro had decided that he would never lay a hand on his own men, he finds there's something about Doumeki that he can't resist. Yashiro makes advances toward Doumeki, but Doumeki has mysterious reasons for denying. Yashiro, who abuses his power just to abuse himself, and Doumeki, who faithfully obeys his every command, begin the tumultuous affair of two men with songs in their hearts and no wings to fly.* + Duration: 1h 25min + Subber: http://justblthings.weebly.com/saezuru-tori-wa-habatakanai-the-clouds-gather.html + In collaboration with Aarinfantasy: https://aarinfantasy.com/forum + More info at: https://myanimelist.net/anime/39761/Saezuru_Tori_wa_Habatakanai__The_Clouds_Gather + Official site: https://saezuru.com ![alt text](http://justblthings.weebly.com/uploads/3/1/9/5/31951091/published/the-clouds-gather.jpg?1599573994 "Poster")

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  • [JustBLThings-aarinfantasy] Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai - The Clouds Gather (Twittering Birds Never Fly).mp4 (603.6 MiB)
wow people still hardsub in 2020 huh

ziemniok (uploader)

@herkz The subber doesn't want to release the subs separately: https://justblthings.tumblr.com/post/628944585819914240/would-you-ever-consider-releasing-the-subtitle
looks like one can easily ocr it out.
@ziemniok can you ask them why they want people to suffer?
If anyone should OCR it, you'd be the bees' knees if you posted the subs!
OCR'd the subs. There were quite a few typos, so lemme know if I missed any. Italics didn't carry over, and there's no translation notes/karaoke, but it beats using this encode. https://mega.nz/file/4UxnQR5R#097GT9jE2r5BfziWYZ0G9IC_4mCtNRIylYXCEdY9h4E
Fixed a few typos https://mega.nz/file/hBxTFaCD#0pYUxUUZDfjkCnlNm7MkFQ2i-WNVqqaSb3QjCWjEfFc
i think they underestimate how well OCR works these days if they really think they're actually stopping anyone from "stealing" their subs. instead, they're just making the experience for the viewers shit for no reason. but i guess if they were smart they'd already know this.
Agreed with @herkz. Their hardsubbing attitude was why I had softsubbed the whole of Junjou Romantica S1 and S2 and Hybrid Child OVAs :/ Also, thank you very much for the subs @Astolfo :D
@asckj1 Do you have of Hybrid Child the softsubs? :0 Would you pass them please? : ') I only have the raws, Thanks!!
oh sure @benjamin24. Please see my comment in this link -> https://nyaa.si/view/745328
Hi, Rae from Just BL here. First of all, I wanted to say that thank you so much for appreciating our subs. The main reason why we do not softsub is because it would be easier to get our sub and raw if we do so. We worked really hard for them, so we just don't want our subs to just easily be taken. That's simply it.. I do know that OCR'ing exists, but we're just taking an extra step to protecting our raw and sub.
@oliverelio We all of course appreciate very much the hard work you put in translating and subbing anime episodes. There are some bad apples who might remove credits and upload the hardsubbed videos with your subtitle files, but sadly there is no way to track such people and also no way to grab each and every person and tell them to abide by the rules. Also, just because of these few people, a huge crowd is robbed from getting good quality subbed videos. As you also saw from above comments, people can also get what they want by using OCR and other techniques. So, why waste time re-encoding to hardsub the files? Let people enjoy your subtitles with the best quality videos. I'm sure many more who are actual anime collectors will actually be really happy to see you share softsubbed files. Please do consider these points.
@asckj1 Well, to each their own. I understand the points you are making, and I appreciate that you brought them up in a more civil manner. I'll definitely take that into consideration and think about it. I was honestly also just really offended by how the comments were going here, when a proper discussion or even message to my team about it could have been better anyways. It's not the first time someone has asked me for our subtitle file, and it's just been protocol for me ever since I started subbing that I do not give out my subtitle files, as I (personally) feel that my effort would go to waste just like that if it's that easy to take our subs and raws, say for re-translation purposes. In this case, we also purchased the DVD itself, and the money we spent on it is really no joke, too, so we hardsub also for protecting the raw.