[200913] Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Back to the TOKIMEKI (1080p Screen Rec)

2020-09-13 12:51 UTC
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Disclaimer : 1) Streaming was provided in an interlaced format. So the picture quality deteriorates. But this is a problem with the service provider. I still can't understand why they didn't stream in a progressive format. 2) Call & Response parts of Nakasu Kasumi(CV.Sagara Mayu) and Uehara Ayumu(CV.Ohnishi Aguri) were not recorded due to network failure. So I had to cut the part. 3) I Tried to re-encode whole movies to reduce the capacity, but the picture quality desperately declined. So I decided to upload it as it was recorded.

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  • [200913] Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 2nd Live! Back to the TOKIMEKI (1080p Screen Rec).mp4 (28.6 GiB)
Please, don't try to upload this to social media cause if that happens, overseas viewer will be prohibited in the next live
Alright!!! Thank you so much!!! And for you guys who's downloading this, just like the previous comment, DO NOT, please STRICTLY DO NOT UPLOAD this in ANY FORM of SOCIAL MEDIA! a single whim of you, will be the cause of rage from other fans who truly want to watch the live again if they prohibited worldwide stream. Thank you. ^^
Do you also have Band New Story or are you planning on doing that during the rebroadcast?
there so much leechers I'm getting 7kbps lol.
Thanks for this! (✯◡✯)
does anyone have finished downloading it? it looks like i keep stuck at 0,8%... lol
nope I'm stuck at 244mb lol
ah.. around the same then... i'm at 243mb i think there's a problem with the torrent? now that i see it, there's zero complete based on here.. XD
Hahaha, I have the same problem, i'm at 244mb and I just download at 8kb ?
so close yet so far
0.8% gang, seeder is gone
No sharing to public guys, EVEN ANY SHORT SCENE PART! Thanks for your cooperation all :)
thanks man ..you are a real hero :D
yreah its gone i think
Hi! Thank you for uploading this. Will you upload Day 1 as well? Brand New Story had an amazing setlist and I wish I could see it. Thank you!
OP, thank you but please seed until at least one download has been completed.
hello purgatory my old friend
just delete this if you aren't going to seed


please seed (stuck at 243 MB too) thank you very much
he already stop seeding, i suggest that you delete this and download the NVenc version of this by also this uploader. The h265 is 20gb only