Hi Score Girl 01-15 + Hi Score Girl II 16-24 [SonicBoom][BD][1080p]

2020-09-12 21:29 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/4ujAcuB.png "SonicBoom Hi Score Girl") ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/SmgAGZ0.png "SonicBoom Hi Score Girl") ### Hi Score Girl Complete Series (TV Series 1-12 + "EXTRA STAGE" OVA Episodes 1-3 + Second Season 16-24) ```Video: H.264 **1080p** (Blu-ray Source) Audio: FLAC 2.0 1365k (Converted from 24-bit LPCM) Subtitles: SonicBoom (Full ASS Softsubs x 2) Chapters: Included ``` We're back, this time with the complete series of the "90's arcade romantic comedy" series Hi Score Girl! This is a very special release for us because, due to having only worked on long-running shows that have no end in sight, it is the first series we've worked on that we have been able to release in its entirety. As with our previous releases of the first season, these subs were based on the official subtitles provided by Netflix, but were very heavily edited and, in many places, completely re-translated from scratch. This is because despite being "official" translations, Netflix's release had hundreds of errors in translation that are completely obvious to anyone who can read the Japanese script (which Netflix also provided, ironically.) It got to the point of absurdity where you have wonder if their translator was actually proficient in Japanese to read the Japanese script, or if they were just listening and improvising... The second season was no different. The translator Netflix had working on it was much better than the two different translators they had working on the first season, but the number of errors he made is still completely unacceptable for a professional translation. Besides the above-mentioned corrections in the translation, our release also includes full song translations, karaoke, and heavy, detailed typesetting. We have also included two different sets of subtitles in each episode: one where the titles of the games and the console names are left as they were in Japan (ie. Super Famicom and Street Fighter II 'Dash), and another set of subtitles where the game titles and console names have been localized to what they were known as internationally (i.e. Super NES and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition). Netflix also had localized subtitles, but even had mistakes in their localization (such as incorrectly localizing 'Famicom' as 'Super Nintendo', among others). Needless to say, we have corrected those errors as well. _(For those of you who have previously downloaded our release of the first season and OVAs, we recommend re-downloading those episodes here because they use new and improved encodes, and also have some additional edits to the subtitles to maintain consistency with the second season.)_ We hope all the time we spent working on this will help you fully enjoy the series, whether you're a fan of romantic comedy series, have nostalgia for 90's retro games and the arcade scene, and/or are a fan of fighting games!

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  • Hi Score Girl 01-15 + Hi Score Girl II 16-24 [SonicBoom][BD][1080p]
    • Hi Score Girl - 01 [SonicBoom][1080p][84454A19].mkv (1.0 GiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 02 [SonicBoom][1080p][1F1262A7].mkv (917.5 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 03 [SonicBoom][1080p][723E5E9C].mkv (1.0 GiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 04 [SonicBoom][1080p][4AE24131].mkv (928.5 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 05 [SonicBoom][1080p][3F4C92C6].mkv (985.7 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 06 [SonicBoom][1080p][82228B54].mkv (906.6 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 07 [SonicBoom][1080p][069B9050].mkv (960.0 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 08 [SonicBoom][1080p][748D4D10].mkv (940.3 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 09 [SonicBoom][1080p][8802D62C].mkv (1015.1 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 10 [SonicBoom][1080p][EEBB10A2].mkv (923.7 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 11 [SonicBoom][1080p][77169EAE].mkv (869.9 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 12 [SonicBoom][1080p][6E127A64].mkv (748.8 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 13 [SonicBoom][1080p][77D73750].mkv (826.3 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 14 [SonicBoom][1080p][CA645442].mkv (1.0 GiB)
    • Hi Score Girl - 15 [SonicBoom][1080p][DA2660FF].mkv (709.8 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl II - 16 [SonicBoom][1080p][5DA294DF].mkv (919.1 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl II - 17 [SonicBoom][1080p][395458D4].mkv (961.6 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl II - 18 [SonicBoom][1080p][9CE03936].mkv (940.9 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl II - 19 [SonicBoom][1080p][79364AE1].mkv (814.2 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl II - 20 [SonicBoom][1080p][00651B3E].mkv (941.4 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl II - 21 [SonicBoom][1080p][DAAD0EC6].mkv (816.0 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl II - 22 [SonicBoom][1080p][E71CBD40].mkv (1004.2 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl II - 23 [SonicBoom][1080p][581E2286].mkv (997.0 MiB)
    • Hi Score Girl II - 24 [SonicBoom][1080p][64458819].mkv (779.5 MiB)
>new and improved encodes I'm hyped to download this EDIT: The encodes are mostly fine, [a bit of combing here and there](https://i.gyazo.com/219e6d914adcf16190df6d6f798e8ab6.png) but it's rare.
Damn this is cool. You guys rock!
wow did you actually encode it correctly this time?
Can someone confirm it it’s 60fps this time? And again, weren’t Anon’s subs better than Netflix’s? Which are better after this extensive editing?
Marche: Anon's translations were only marginally better than Netflix's, but were filled with newb mistakes, l33t chat speak and, if I remember right, translation notes that filled the entire screen in some cases.You shouldn't even compare other's work to theirs. As far as I can tell, Hi Score Girl is a hard one to encode, and 60fps is a waste, so SonicBoom is likely the best we'll get in terms of with excellent subtitle translation combined with overall video quality. I was reading SonicBoom's conversations on Discord, and can tell how much work they put into making this the best they possibly could, so I really look forward to watching it! Thank you guys for putting so much effort into this series, and congratulations on completing it!

sarachikorita (uploader)

It's possible some short sequences or portions of shots are 60 fps. As a retrogamer, I know that video games in the 80s and 90s generally displayed in 60 fps progressive. (Just try looking at a 30 fps encode of game footage from Pac-Man, Mario Bros. or Sonic the Hedgehog. You can tell something's very wrong.) I was able to improve my IVTC technique, but compensating for 60 fps really isn't possible even with the new filter chain. That said, the results are a lot cleaner.
>60fps is a waste waste? wtf does that even mean? >It’s possible some short sequences or portions of shots are 60 fps what do you mean, possible? it's 100% confirmed. the video game sections in the show are 60 fps. >but compensating for 60 fps really isn’t possible even with the new filter chain. i will take that as a no
@herkz I know you're busy saving monogatari and haikyuu, but perhaps you'll have to save high score girl's video.
Really cool work! Thank you!
i haven't even watched this show. it's just sad people don't know how to encode stuff correctly anymore (especially people with trusted).
@herkz: Please just stop trolling people. 60fps is indeed a waste, as even the one place that's keeping a "Tier List" ranking of quality for this series (https://nyaa.si/view/1247570) says that 24/30fps VFR is fine. And one of the team members in the Discord just said that they were adding up the number of hours they worked on the subtitles for the second season, as well as fixing the subtitles to work with the new encodes of season 1: 1,102 hours 46 minutes of re-translation, typesetting, and everything else involved in subtitling. If you can't appreciate the amount of time their team put into this to make sure you get the highest quality subtitles possible, you're just here to start trouble -- especially if you haven't even bothered to watch the series.
>says that 24/30fps VFR is fine and what does it say above that? oh, it's mixed 24 fps/60 fps. nice source, dipshit. >And one of the team members in the Discord just said that they were adding up the number of hours they worked on the subtitles for the second season, as well as fixing the subtitles to work with the new encodes of season 1: 1,102 hours 46 minutes of re-translation, typesetting, and everything else involved in subtitling. that's even more reason to not slap the subs on a shitty encode. >If you can’t appreciate the amount of time their team put into this to make sure you get the highest quality subtitles possible, you’re just here to start trouble – especially if you haven’t even bothered to watch the series. that's pretty funny to say to me of all people considering the amount of time and effort i put into my own fansubs. my current project has taken me like 2 months because i completely redid everything from scratch (basically the same as what they did here with this show).
It's not only a waste but it's false info that it was produced in 60 fps since it's impossible in BD format when it's constrained to the Blu-ray specifications which is limited to only 29.970 fps for 1080i or 1080p. Provide the source that it was said it was done in 60 fps by the actual animation studio. @ayumiXmitsuhiko I wouldn't even legitimize that "tier list" as a source to take seriously. You have to ADD frames that did not exist on the BD source to begin with. It's no different than those 60 fps anime encodes on nyaa. Also, that same gatekeeper also said a 23.976 fps would be fine too.
I will never understand why they use 23.976 FPS in BDs

sarachikorita (uploader)

It's actually possible to do 60 fps in BD - but you're knocked down to 540p for that. The same way that you can do 60 fps on a Sega Genesis, but the vertical resolution is only 224p. This is common with video games of the era, and why people are saying 60 fps is plausible. I have encoded video from my Sega Genesis in 60 fps progressive. I have encoded Gridman (the toku, not the anime) in 60 fps progressive. What makes it hard to deal with that possibility here is the presence of VFR. (VFR makes everything infinitely more painful.)
afaik the only reason they use 24 fps is to keep the consistent "film look" that people have grown used to since the beginning of film (and probably to save money from animating more frames). Now, why they choose to render full cg anime at 8 fps is beyond me.
Sankyuu for this :)
According to the specification 59.94 fps can be done with 1280x720p unto a Blu-ray AVC. But if they did the printing in UHD they could of did 60 fps in 1080p obviously they (the producers) didn't choose that option with this anime. [MPEG-4 AVC Video 37707 kbps 1080i / 29.970 fps / 16:9 / High Profile 4.1](https://www.acgnx.se/show-bff0a7592d0ab3164c57af12b8dba4f1c7e6a7d2.html) some reason the one on nyaa got deleted and I'm too lazy to get my copy out. https://www.videohelp.com/hd I can't speak about fps from the game console itself despite having owned a NES and SNES but other folks say the majority of them ran in 60 fps so I'll take their word. I'd prefer if they kept anime at straight 24 fps myself than 23.976 fps.

sarachikorita (uploader)

NES does 60P too. Look at any 30 fps cap of Mario Bros. from the NES and you'll see what I mean.
Since AT is again missing subtitles for some episodes (4, 7, 9 and 22), due to them exceeding AT's file size limit, all extracted attachments (~5.74 GiB - **~5.71 GiB of which are subtitles**) minus five duplicate fonts can be found [here](https://mega.nz/file/pBEznIIC#4e7ubwXJdMh59GvnbaSqP9i20k9hWnCfZbgwLJIoGoI) (~54.1 MiB).
time to finally watch this I guess.
The arcade sign in episode 2 @ 14:37 is messed up.
Unreal. On the merits of the intro signs and subs alone, the Advanced Sub Station wizardry required to time and style this is out-fucking-standing. It's a level of badassery I rarely see in fansubs anymore. You guys are a credit to the craft, hats off! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next.
Typo in ending song Houkago destruction -> Houkago distraction