[Judas] Naruto (Complete Series) [BD 1080p][HEVC x265 10bit][Multi-Audio][Multi-Subs] (Batch)

2020-09-11 11:40 UTC
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55.5 GiB
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**Title**: Naruto - Seasons 1-5 (Complete Series) HEVC 10bit SoftSubbed - 1920 x 1080 Encoded by EoE/ΑΩ, Synced and Muxed by Judas **Source**: French BDMVs + extra subs (983 GiB) **Audio**: Japanese - English - French **Subtitles**: English - French - German - Italian - Spanish [ESP-LAT] - Brazilian Portuguese - French [Full-Signs/Songs] (PGS) **Note**: This was the most stressful project ever made. I decided to use the french blurays as they were the only 1080p available source, just to make a different release from the many other low-res available, even if this show is definitely not made to be watched in HD. Aspect ratio is 16:9, which means that the frame is cropped, but that's it. We did our best to fix the many problems in the source video and the result is actually much better, but sadly there are still some issues left like rainbowing or dot crawl. While the encode was running I started digging online to find extra subtitles, so I took English subs from DarkDream's release, other languages from Erai-Raws, then Italian from random forums (ITA subs are only available up to episode 105), restyled most of them and synced to videos with the help of sushi. Finally the most boring part, audio: I took english dub from DVDs and manually synced all the 220 episodes with Audacity. A couple more recommendations: if you want 1080p but don't like 16:9 then go check Darkfire68's release, he encoded German BDs (1080p 4:3). If you're asking why I did all of this when there was his release then the reason is simple, I didn't know about his project when I started mine and I had already done a lot of work when he posted Naruto. If you don't care about 1080p but want the best low-res release then get JySzE's. Again if you're asking why I did this if there was his release then fuck me I didn't know that either. Hoping that there are no sync issues with my release, if you spot an error just leave a comment and I'll fix it. **Update**: Episodes 114 and 128 have an issue with eng audio, I made them available in the DDL drive (join it from Discord). [Request an anime or get DDL links @ Discord](https://discord.gg/vbJ7RTn) **[If you like this release please seed]** ![gg](https://i.ibb.co/RC14gGz/vlcsnap-2020-09-11-11h01m14s383.png) ![wp](https://i.ibb.co/Vwvkg32/vlcsnap-2020-09-11-11h06m05s374.png) ![ez](https://i.ibb.co/x8Nz4GS/vlcsnap-2020-09-11-11h00m13s595.png) ![noob](https://i.ibb.co/4VQpzXD/vlcsnap-2020-09-11-11h05m30s882.png) ![rekt](https://i.ibb.co/qjKf28k/vlcsnap-2020-09-11-11h07m39s769.png) ![nore](https://i.ibb.co/Q7Bkh0s/vlcsnap-2020-09-11-11h15m23s308.png)

File list

  • [Judas] Naruto (Complete Series) [BD 1080p][HEVC x265 10bit][Multi-Audio][Multi-Subs]
    • [Judas] Naruto S1
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E01 (001).mkv (253.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E02 (002).mkv (261.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E03 (003).mkv (243.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E04 (004).mkv (257.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E05 (005).mkv (273.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E06 (006).mkv (261.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E07 (007).mkv (228.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E08 (008).mkv (254.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E09 (009).mkv (273.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E10 (010).mkv (225.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E11 (011).mkv (250.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E12 (012).mkv (275.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E13 (013).mkv (220.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E14 (014).mkv (255.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E15 (015).mkv (261.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E16 (016).mkv (233.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E17 (017).mkv (275.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E18 (018).mkv (207.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E19 (019).mkv (212.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E20 (020).mkv (283.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E21 (021).mkv (212.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E22 (022).mkv (236.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E23 (023).mkv (231.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E24 (024).mkv (261.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E25 (025).mkv (249.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E26 (026).mkv (305.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E27 (027).mkv (272.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E28 (028).mkv (265.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E29 (029).mkv (244.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E30 (030).mkv (211.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E31 (031).mkv (231.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E32 (032).mkv (293.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E33 (033).mkv (322.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E34 (034).mkv (288.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S01E35 (035).mkv (339.6 MiB)
    • [Judas] Naruto S2
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E01 (036).mkv (248.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E02 (037).mkv (242.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E03 (038).mkv (243.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E04 (039).mkv (280.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E05 (040).mkv (266.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E06 (041).mkv (243.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E07 (042).mkv (281.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E08 (043).mkv (264.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E09 (044).mkv (285.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E10 (045).mkv (270.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E11 (046).mkv (264.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E12 (047).mkv (294.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E13 (048).mkv (283.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E14 (049).mkv (288.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E15 (050).mkv (322.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E16 (051).mkv (242.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E17 (052).mkv (274.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E18 (053).mkv (249.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E19 (054).mkv (255.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E20 (055).mkv (279.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E21 (056).mkv (278.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E22 (057).mkv (248.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E23 (058).mkv (246.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E24 (059).mkv (327.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E25 (060).mkv (326.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E26 (061).mkv (262.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E27 (062).mkv (337.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E28 (063).mkv (221.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E29 (064).mkv (280.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E30 (065).mkv (227.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E31 (066).mkv (273.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E32 (067).mkv (355.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E33 (068).mkv (227.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E34 (069).mkv (283.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E35 (070).mkv (372.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E36 (071).mkv (239.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E37 (072).mkv (247.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E38 (073).mkv (291.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E39 (074).mkv (307.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E40 (075).mkv (313.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E41 (076).mkv (245.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E42 (077).mkv (268.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E43 (078).mkv (319.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E44 (079).mkv (291.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E45 (080).mkv (233.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E46 (081).mkv (234.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E47 (082).mkv (228.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S02E48 (083).mkv (264.3 MiB)
    • [Judas] Naruto S3
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E01 (084).mkv (216.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E02 (085).mkv (251.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E03 (086).mkv (316.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E04 (087).mkv (247.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E05 (088).mkv (218.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E06 (089).mkv (261.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E07 (090).mkv (204.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E08 (091).mkv (192.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E09 (092).mkv (202.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E10 (093).mkv (292.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E11 (094).mkv (248.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E12 (095).mkv (254.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E13 (096).mkv (308.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E14 (097).mkv (273.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E15 (098).mkv (238.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E16 (099).mkv (226.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E17 (100).mkv (201.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E18 (101).mkv (221.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E19 (102).mkv (249.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E20 (103).mkv (278.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E21 (104).mkv (297.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E22 (105).mkv (256.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E23 (106).mkv (296.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E24 (107).mkv (306.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E25 (108).mkv (237.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E26 (109).mkv (244.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E27 (110).mkv (232.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E28 (111).mkv (279.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E29 (112).mkv (223.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E30 (113).mkv (334.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E31 (114).mkv (306.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E32 (115).mkv (275.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E33 (116).mkv (304.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E34 (117).mkv (307.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E35 (118).mkv (278.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E36 (119).mkv (247.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E37 (120).mkv (323.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E38 (121).mkv (292.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E39 (122).mkv (302.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E40 (123).mkv (286.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E41 (124).mkv (342.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E42 (125).mkv (298.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E43 (126).mkv (322.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E44 (127).mkv (313.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E45 (128).mkv (258.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E46 (129).mkv (159.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E47 (130).mkv (207.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S03E48 (131).mkv (199.8 MiB)
    • [Judas] Naruto S4
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E01 (132).mkv (331.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E02 (133).mkv (240.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E03 (134).mkv (266.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E04 (135).mkv (200.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E05 (136).mkv (251.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E06 (137).mkv (229.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E07 (138).mkv (228.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E08 (139).mkv (178.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E09 (140).mkv (203.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E10 (141).mkv (250.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E11 (142).mkv (208.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E12 (143).mkv (287.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E13 (144).mkv (282.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E14 (145).mkv (268.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E15 (146).mkv (209.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E16 (147).mkv (246.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E17 (148).mkv (236.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E18 (149).mkv (265.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E19 (150).mkv (256.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E20 (151).mkv (239.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E21 (152).mkv (282.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E22 (153).mkv (198.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E23 (154).mkv (230.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E24 (155).mkv (235.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E25 (156).mkv (306.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E26 (157).mkv (262.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E27 (158).mkv (284.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E28 (159).mkv (206.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E29 (160).mkv (256.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E30 (161).mkv (252.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E31 (162).mkv (203.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E32 (163).mkv (216.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E33 (164).mkv (217.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E34 (165).mkv (225.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E35 (166).mkv (244.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E36 (167).mkv (247.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E37 (168).mkv (316.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E38 (169).mkv (264.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E39 (170).mkv (208.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E40 (171).mkv (210.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E41 (172).mkv (295.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E42 (173).mkv (260.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E43 (174).mkv (285.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E44 (175).mkv (215.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E45 (176).mkv (302.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E46 (177).mkv (293.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E47 (178).mkv (274.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E48 (179).mkv (194.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E49 (180).mkv (245.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E50 (181).mkv (203.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E51 (182).mkv (219.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E52 (183).mkv (221.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E53 (184).mkv (253.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S04E54 (185).mkv (249.2 MiB)
    • [Judas] Naruto S5
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E01 (186).mkv (218.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E02 (187).mkv (265.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E03 (188).mkv (199.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E04 (189).mkv (232.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E05 (190).mkv (234.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E06 (191).mkv (232.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E07 (192).mkv (259.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E08 (193).mkv (257.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E09 (194).mkv (258.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E10 (195).mkv (326.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E11 (196).mkv (404.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E12 (197).mkv (231.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E13 (198).mkv (217.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E14 (199).mkv (248.0 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E15 (200).mkv (208.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E16 (201).mkv (275.5 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E17 (202).mkv (453.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E18 (203).mkv (185.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E19 (204).mkv (213.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E20 (205).mkv (242.4 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E21 (206).mkv (206.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E22 (207).mkv (210.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E23 (208).mkv (235.6 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E24 (209).mkv (226.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E25 (210).mkv (217.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E26 (211).mkv (216.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E27 (212).mkv (248.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E28 (213).mkv (320.3 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E29 (214).mkv (255.7 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E30 (215).mkv (256.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E31 (216).mkv (202.9 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E32 (217).mkv (333.2 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E33 (218).mkv (266.1 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E34 (219).mkv (262.8 MiB)
      • [Judas] Naruto - S05E35 (220).mkv (219.9 MiB)
ohhhhh beautiful !!!!! quick question: is there a method to set the French language by default on all episodes without doing it one by one with the software: Mkvtoolnix Gui?

Judas (uploader)

just set it in your media player's settings and it will automatically choose that language
Just set your video player to play french subs by default. I think on mpv it's `slang = fre,eng,jp` to auto play french subs, `alang = fre,jp,eng` for french audio.
If you using Haali/LAV & MPC just click the LAV icon in the system tray and set your audio to: fre
awesome sir judas nice upload
I can't find Darkfire68 release?
@hayeslaureano [here](https://nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=df68+naruto)


thanks for the release Judas, been waiting for this eagerly
Congrat Judas! Working on this series is a pain in the ass! You made an awesome job keep it up!
thank you man, been waiting for so long
Where is the "food critic" of anime? I need some reviews LOL. Should I take darkfire's releases instead?? Currently I have naruto from Erai-Raws which is in 480p. I wanted to upgrade.
> “food critic” of anime Are you looking for herkz? I doubt he'd even see the comments on a mini encode.
>Should I take darkfire’s releases instead?? My opinion is as follows: * Get Judas if you don't mind full screen 1080p zoomed & cropped. It's also fairly small which is a plus for some people. * Get Darkfire68's if you want something more akin to the original SD release in _pseudo-HD_ * Get JySzE's if you want one of the absolute best SD versions out there. Naruto has a lot of problems both on the DVD and Blu-ray releases. They all suck but at least Judas, JySzE and Darkfire86 have given us a few good options to choose from.
JySzE is definitely the better one if you care about fidelity.
The average person, is not going to be able to DL 338GB. Second best would be darkfire (if you’re aiming for a reasonable size) and Judas third. JySzE obviously is the best choice here, (if you’re going all out) but I highly doubt lots of people will DL that. Thanks for doing this Judas.


Hey look an EoE release! I thought he was dead omegalul
what are there still people using haali
>what are there still people using haali @govna what else should we be using? MP4 and making hardsubb memes?
Click image for unfunny meme [![IMAGE ALT TEXT](http://img.youtube.com/vi/1Br-ShDviQg/0.jpg)](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Br-ShDviQg "Video Title")
LAV like a normal person. haali hasn't even gotten an update in the last like 8 years
Haali is for those people still using Windows XP.
just use chad mpv
Thanks as always

Judas (uploader)

You're all welcome :)
Thanks for those who answered me :) I decided to use darkfire68's release for the 1080p, mostly because this version is cropped. But then I still leech Judas's version and will seed for a while to help you guys! And I am intended to leech JySzE's version to replace my current Naruto collection, but only if i managed to find some space. That version is huge LOL.
Great work Judas like always but i prefer and recommended yellowflash version at this link: https://nyaa.si/view/1246892
Super taff!!! Continue comme ça si tu le peux! C'est vraiment un régal. Quelqu'un à une idée de la taille de tout ça en effaçant les episodes filler?

Judas (uploader)

Just adding some extra information. If you want Dual Audio version of darkfire68 then check out HaiveMind's release (195GB). It isn't on nyaa so you need to look for it. :) If you want a definitive release, then go for JySzE (338GB). If you want a release without fillers then check out Yellow Flash's release (57GB) And Thanks to Judas and team for this small, yet good release as well!!
I've been waiting for this since the progress was posted at the discord server. Congratulations to the whole Judas team!! This was such a tough job that's perfectly well done. Finally, after 12 long years, the time has come for a rewatch. Hope this would be a nostalgic journey!! A big "THANK YOU!" to you guys, amazing releases as always!! We wish the best for all of you, take care, and stay safe! <3
You are legend I've been waiting for this.Thanks a lot :)
you going to do naruto shippuden
I started downloading from the DDL and I was like, "WTF wud Judas do this?" But the explanation here seems fitting. Given that I tried syncing audio for Naruto once and never had the strength to make past episode 10... U have my utmost respects. Great release man!

Judas (uploader)

Glad that you can understand the pain I felt doing this haha, thank you. @jetfire61999 I'm not going to do Shippuden because there are no good sources, in future we'll see
Where is The Extra? NCOP&NCED

Judas (uploader)

Not available in these Blurays, you have to extract them from episodes and keep the credits if you want
Opus audio isn´t compatible with my smart tv can you send me the other audio track?
I don't know if JySzE's release was deleted or what since I can't find it, but it was a big meme. 528p (doesn't understand PAR), encoded AC3 lossy audio to FLAC bloating the shit out of it, encoding it as VFR when the DVDs are 29.976 fps and not even 10bit so banding galore. It was literally shit and I feel sorry for all the fools who recommended it, only worthy releases are Yellow Flash, darkfire68 and Judas for a low size 16:9 cropped ver.
@jakecr i was able to get JySzE's release before it was taken down. why does everyone recommend it? i'm looking for the best un-cropped release, and JySzE seemed like it. besides bloat, what makes darkfire68's version so much better?
Thank you very much brother. Looking for this for like forever. I hope you'll upload the Shippuden series too.
JySzE's release is still out there but not showing up on search results https://nyaa.si/view/1267130
@Archer0034 Excuse the question, ¿where I can find HaiveMind’s release (195GB)? After an arduous search I cannot find it =(
This is like the 18GB DBZ cropped 16:9 shit again. Better stay with uncropped original 4:3
episode 113`s dub audio is outta place
Whoa! great job man! I seriously appreciate it.
What a blessed release, thanks.
I will compare these to YellowFlash's release and report back https://nyaa.si/view/1246892
so yea I didn't read that this was a cropped version coz im a blind retard... this is obviously a no go. Because of the crop you lose like what, 30% of the content on screen? I also looked at Darkfire68's version as recommended. I would still go with YellowFlash's ^ version, I think it's better. Quality is very similar but YF's version has nicer colors imo. In general I would recommend to stay away from doing any kind of cropped BD anime. DVD can be made to look almost as good without all the cropping when it comes to these oldies... from what I've seen.
There's seem to be an audio synced issue with the dub on S3.E13 starting at 08:58
thanks gracias bro
S4 & S5 is filler episode
why doesn't your upload come under trusted torrents?
Please seed...
Hi, i have a problem, i downloaded some episodes, but when i play an episode the screen freeze, there are error pixels and the audio is broken, the subtitles also doesn't show because screen problems, im using VLC Player, someone know how to fix this problem? (Sorry for my english :p)
@_Philip Dont know mate worked completely fine for me might have been ur video players problem or an issue while downloading
great job. thanks a lot. it would be really awesome if you upload Naruto Shippuden 1080p Hevc
Awesome work, Judas!!! I was just wondering if there's a high quality HEVC of Naruto in 2021.
@BabuBhai69 would anyone be trusted with names like Judas and Lewdas??
@Archer0034 "If you want Dual Audio version of darkfire68 then check out HaiveMind’s release (195GB). It isn’t on nyaa so you need to look for it. :)" Oh fuck you. Just say the site's fucking name or link to it instead of being a vague little shit about it. Whatever release you're talking can't be found at all in any web search. Seriously go fuck yourself
@Judas could u make naruto shippuden torrent ?
fat itachi can't hurt you, he's not real fat itachi: https://i.ibb.co/4VQpzXD/vlcsnap-2020-09-11-11h05m30s882.png
Any opinion comparing Judas release versus Yellow Flash?
Hey Judas sir. Any cuts in series ? I mean some cuts in the episodes like kakashi sasuke sakura naruto photoshoot scene is not in the scene
Judas sir unban from discord too. My discord id is Bhadu29#1399 By mistake i send some some inappropriate links by the bot. I did not do that Please give me one chance
Episode 82's subtitles are out of sync.