Plastic Little (1994) (DVDRip 720x480p x265 HEVC AC3x2 5.1+2.0)(Dual Audio)[sxales]

2020-09-07 03:33 UTC
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![alt text]( "Cover") > Tita Mu Koshigaya, Tita to her friends, is a young woman who captains a ship, the Cha-Cha Maru, whose business is capturing exotic creatures in the sea of clouds of the planet Ietta, a gas giant, and selling them to collectors and zoos. By chance, she saves Elysse Aldo Mordish, a young woman of her own age, from a rogue faction of Ietta's own military forces, led by the armoured commander Guizel, who already killed Elysse's scientist father. As the military conducts a vicious chase for Elysse, it becomes apparent that she holds the key to a secret that could determine the fate of the entire planet's independence. ... [source anidb]( Encoded from the R1 DVD. Dual Audio: Japanese (Stereo Dolby Digital AC3), English (5.1 Dolby Digital AC3). English subtitles are from the S-a4e release. [DDL]( I would appreciate any help seeding.

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Thank you for sharing--glad to help with seeding.
Amazing work on this!!!
boy what is that cover OwO.... and R1 is already bad here ... R2 is bootleg from German, so
How does this compare/differ from the Kuraze release?
2.0 jap audio 5+1 english shit! good job!
@FoolingMode Kuraze is much better, this has ugly digital sharpening and awful rainbowing effect.
Thanks for these rare shows