[Samir755] Hunter X Hunter 1999 (EP 01 - Test) [DVD 576p] [HEVC 10Bits x265]

2020-09-04 22:09 UTC
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### **Video :** 768 x 576p HEVC 10Bit x265 ### **Audio :** **Japanese** (aac lc, 48 KHz, Stereo, 160 Kb/s). ### **Subtitles :** **English** (ass). **Arabic** (ass). ### **Screenshots :** | Before | After | | ------------- |:-------------:| | ![alt text](https://zupimages.net/up/20/36/m633.jpg) | ![alt text](https://zupimages.net/up/20/36/po76.jpg) | | ![alt text](https://zupimages.net/up/20/36/0k3l.jpg) | ![alt text](https://zupimages.net/up/20/36/4t1x.jpg) | ### **It's a test, Let me know what do you think in the comments**

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  • [Samir755] Hunter X Hunter 1999 - 01 - A Boy Setting Out for a Journey × Leaving Behind the Sound of the Wind.mkv (95.6 MiB)
You shouldn't darken the lines if you can't fix the haloing all that well. It just makes it more pronounced. ![](https://i.imgur.com/cPh8zvy.png)

samir755 (uploader)

@LightArrowsEXE I think it is not from the same frame lol. It's better if you download the episode, It is not perfect but I think it's good enough.
you plan to release the full thing ?

samir755 (uploader)

@Fares I don't have lot of time, but I will try to finish it.
@samir755 i just watched the episode at a hurry the quality is good but there were some glitches between 09:00 and 11:00 sorry for not providing screenshots but you will notice them
Nice i like it, but from the first 2 screenshot if you can make the background more clean it would of been great
This is the RAW you use it is the best and RAW please work on it completely Good job if possible filter to increase clarity [RUELL-Next] Hunter x Hunter 1999 (TVA+OVAx3) and Supplements (extra) https://nyaa.si/view/791316 best raw This is a very good Arabic translation https://subscene.com/subtitles/hunter-x-hunter/arabic/2220900 And This is complete https://subscene.com/subtitles/hunter-x-hunter/arabic/1749625 thank you
https://nyaa.si/view/1136660 Hokuto no ken :Raoh Gaiden Ten no Haoh. 13 ova 2008 Please work on it 720&1080 with Arabic and English translation , find the English translation here https://animetosho.org/view/hokuto-no-ken-ten-haoh-legends-dark-king.n904978 Some Arabic translation https://subscene.com/subtitles/hokuto-no-ken-ra-gaiden-ten-no-ha-first-season ,…, And this anime Flone Silver_Zero_Subs] Swiss Family Robinson - Flone of the Marvelous Island (Fushigi na Shima no Flone) https://nyaa.si/view/930495 Arb sub https://subscene.com/subtitles/kazoku-robinson-hyouryuuki-fushigi-na-shima-no-flone