[ArataEnc] Shokugeki no Soma S5 - 10 [720p] Eng sub

2020-09-04 17:44 UTC
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![alt text](https://telegra.ph/file/3d86ed74c86857b0f1c34.jpg "Title Text ") Source: HorribleSubs Format: MP4 codec:HEVC/H265 Audio format: AAC sub type: ENG (hardsub) compression type:very slow preset: Animation (slowest) profile: Main --- etc: + web optimize/Video optimize --- please seed after downloading, Sharing is caring --- **_Hardsub advantage:_** + can play in all video players (you do) not need VLC or media codec etc... + can play at Television/smart TV/android TV,if soft sub not all television can support sub with format *(not all TV models can support HEVC/H265)* **_Hardsub disadvantage:_** + if sub wrong or typo need to encode whole video back to fixed --- **this torrent maybe not to your expectations but I try my best to create a smaller file,I know not every one can afford download 1-2gb just for 1 episode** I apologize for using your work and encoding back (refer source)🙏 Thanks for their hardwork(refer source)👍,Without them I can't encode **_encoding H264 and 720P if have request....._** --- **Weekly anime is only seeded by me for *7 Days* from uploading time** --- **requests of H264 and 720p are only seeded by me *5 Days* from uploading time** --- All my post always have criticism,If you hate my work just leave it alone there is no need for such criticism beside suggestions for me to improve my video,people like that are really hated by society,I know all my work is trash but remember trash also has value ---

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  • Shokugeki no Soma S5 - 10 [720p].mp4 (262.2 MiB)