[Venny] Sonic CD Opening (Definitive Edition) [DVD] [Dual Audio]

2020-08-31 16:18 UTC
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_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ **Audio:** Track 1: You Can Do Anything (JPN) FLAC - Sonic 10th Anniversary CD Track 2: Sonic Boom (US) FLAC - Sonic Boom Limited Collector's Edition CD _____ ##### FAQ: **"Where does this DVD come from?"** This was a limited DVD released for Sonic's 25th Anniversary. As far as we know it's the highest quality source of the opening available. **"What was filtered?"** Removed Residue Combining Dot Crawl Removal Rainbow Removal Chroma Noise Reduction Dehaloing Chroma Bleed Reduction Crop/Resizing ------ Screenshots: https://slow.pics/c/pZjYwJX3 ___ ### **__REMINDER__** My internet is shared between 4 other people and is not best suited for torrenting. This is why I am leaving a DDL to Google Drive so you guys can download at the most efficient speed you can. ##### **__DIRECT DOWNLOAD HERE:__** https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i0fGNhUqOp8mk7Chij6Pv3ezxisYvmme/view?usp=sharing EDIT: Tanks and Quazza have put together a really good upscale that has blown up recently on Sonic Retro. I suggest watching that version as it has superior filtering/restoration and my audio syncs!

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  • [Venny] Sonic CD Opening (Definitive Edition).mkv (488.6 MiB)
The encoded version definitely looks better. I looked up SONIC 25th Anniversary and that was in 2017. I didn't know they released a DVD, but I'd like to own it.
Appreciate you adding DDL links :) Thanks!!!

Venny (uploader)

@SomaHeir No problem! I hope you enjoy. I have had the raw MKV for the DVD for a long time and now that I have been in close contact with JySzE I knew I had to ask him to fix the DVD with his filtering magic. A version 2 will come eventually that will look even better.
Looking good. Thanks!
@JySzE and the rest of the team, you guys rock! Scrolled through a bunch of comments complaining about large file sizes and whatnot on Naruto V1. All BS regardless. I like the quality you and the team deliver. I have no problem with large file sizes. Im just grateful to have people like y'all preserving these great shows at their best possible state. THANK YOU ALL! HYPED! for your Naruto V2 release and the Shippuden release to come. Is there any update you can give on those two? and will they be released here (nyaa.si) or nya.iss.one? because I am seeing Naruto V1 on nya.iss.one.
Thanks a lot for this.

Venny (uploader)

@Comment101 Forwarded this message to Jy. Thanks for being so kind towards his work. I suggest keeping anything about the Naruto stuff on his Naruto torrent if you still have access to it as he won't be able to see these kind words on mine.
@Venny Thank you for the reply and forwarding the message! Unfortunately, I cannot access JySzE Naruto batch here. The only place I can see the batch is nya.iss.one. But I cannot comment on that site for some reason. I think I read somewhere that he took down the batch, as to not waste people's time having to download V2? If you have any update on the project Venny, please let me know. Thank you.
@JySzE Can you please do a similar restoration to both Good and Bad Endings of Sonic CD? The best video quality for that is the GameCube version of Sonic Gems Collection. I am doing an AI upscale of the cutscenes and I want the best source possible.

Venny (uploader)

@HARVEST Me nor Jy are going to work on anything for it just to be upscaled. This is extremely LQ video as it is and upscaling it makes it look hideous.