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CRC-32 checksum for data: 270F05C7 **For Chaos;Head latest prepatched version:** This is an archive of any Chaos;Head PC fan Patches found, including official underwear patch. Some known patches are missing as shown in Fan Patches Release History. The Description section is just brief summary of patches found, for extensive listing of changes and history, see each patches' README notes and their official pages. ## Official Patch **Lingerie Conversion System (LCS) patch** So called underwear patch, it is a pre-order bonus patch for Retail Chaos;Head PC that replaces female character outfits with underwear ones. It requires the same registration code as Retail Chaos;Head for installation. The patch is included in the later Chaos;Head DMM downloadable version, LCS patch is required for Chaotic;Head 1.23 fan patch. ## Fan Patches Release History (Modified 20/8/20) 28/09/08: /jp/ NSS alpha version of Chapters 1-7, very buggy (Missing) 30/09/08: /jp/ NSS alpha version of Chapters 8-9, less buggy (Missing) 03/10/08: /jp/ NSS beta version of Chapters 1-10, more buggy 08/10/08: /jp/ ShitCG beta version w/ everything included, slightly buggy (Missing) 17/10/08: Antifail Patch 06/12/08: /jp/ NSS beta version of Chapters 1-10 SVN snapshot 31/12/08: /jp/ ShitCG Release Candidate 1 (RC1) 11/03/10: ghost's Release Candidate 2 (RC2) 02/12/11: Less Headache version, modified from RC1 (Missing) 05/12/11: Less Headache version v2, modified from RC1 and RC2 (Missing) 17/12/11: Less Headache v3 30/01/17: Di-Patch for Chaos;Head PC LH3 24/12/18: Di-Patch 2.0 23/01/19: Di-patch 2.5 25/04/19: Chaotic;Head 1.13 (not 100% stable) (Missing) 22/07/19: Chaotic;Head 1.19 25/08/19: Chaotic;Head 1.20 18/09/19: Chaotic;Head 1.21 27/10/19: Chaotic;Head 1.22 Uncovered in January 2020: Unreleased Release Candidate 2 25/04/20: Di-patch 2.6 25/04/20: Chaotic;Head 1.23 ## Description ### TLWiki Chaos;Head Translation Project Period **Staff:** Translation: Dagger Translation check: LoSs Text editing: DeiExMachina , TinFoil Image editing: EchoMateria , Edger , BlickWinkel , Soloista , Azaghal, M4xwellmurd3r Hacking: Crass Tools TL wiki Site: RC1 release site: TLWiki Translation Project translated most of Chaos;Head PC script starting in 2008. They had released early versions of NSS script files, but the download links for them are lost. **NSS beta versions of Chapters 1-10** from Assembla Project site is the only available version, including a **snapshot of the latest NSS beta version of Chapters 1-10**. Assembla Project site: The last version the group released is **/jp/ ShitCG Release Candidate 1**, so called RC1. It is called Release Candidate because it was not the final release, many additions were planned: Chaos;Head PC Trial bonus chapter, translation of TIPS, Chapter 10B "this-is-bullshit-to-replay-everything" savegame, etc. This version has the notorious major bug where Chapter 7 Saves do not work. With the exception of Antifail, which was provided as a solution, this bug plagued later patches, until Di-patch and later patches fixed it. On 7 July 2009, the group reached out to the localization company JAST for the official release of Chaos;Head in English. All C;H PC fan patch development ceased after and the team moved on to other projects. There was a translation of the bonus chapter that was included in the second trial version of Chaos;Head, which was never released by the TLWiki team. It was uncovered in January 2020, and the archive includes the unreleased translation of the Release Candidate 2 scripts in addition to the bonus chapter. **Antifail Patch** was modified from /jp/ ShitCG beta edition, made by TinFoil, edited by VDZ, using NSS files fixed by someone on /jp/. This version lacks a lot of translated miscellaneous text from the final RC1 release, but it does not have Chapter 7 save bug due to being based on a /jp/ ShitCG beta version that did not contain that bug. **ghost's Release Candidate 2** was made by ghost, modifying the original RC1. This patch is notorious for some of ghost's questionable decisions such as removing 5pb. logo from the game because he disliked the logo design, binding the cancel button in the menu to the LCS switch, adding an alternative auto mode, and so on. ### Less Headache Version Period Official site: Version 3 torrent: 3 versions of **Less Headache** patches were made by Blanchimont. The original version was created to solve several issues with RC1's installation and game-play. Version 2 added items from RC2 and unpacking into game directory. With Version 3, LCS/underwear patch can now be run from main patch. Sadly Version 1 and 2 torrents are dead, but Version 3 is still being seeded. ### Di-patch Period **Staff:** Akias, Croowe, MrMonday Original Di-patch release: Di-patch 2.0 release: Di-patch 2.5 release: **Di-patch** was made by Project Blue Sky. It is based on, and therefore requires, the Less Headache v3 patch. Later versions are standalone. The main feature of the original release was fixing the Chapter 7 saves bug. Di-patch 2.0 reverted RC2's removal of 5pb.'s logo, and the last version, Di-Patch 2.5, fixed video playback and Backlog. Di-patch 2.6 was modified from 2.5 version by DVN from Chaotic;Head team, mostly adding script fixes from Chaotic;Head patch. 2.6 is compatible with Chaos;Head DMM downloadable version and Retail release with LCS patch. ### Chaotic;Head Period **Staff:** nipkow, DVN(joined after Chaotic;Head 1.19) Testing: Neid Zero, Celeste (Boggle) **Chaotic;Head** patch was headed by nipkow and helped by DVN. Original 1.13 release built on Di-patch 2.5, the main feature of Chaotic;Head is porting the original PC version of C;H to a newer version of the same engine, used by Zanmataisei Demonbane, which allows the game to not only run without the need of locale emulator, but it also can run on linux using Wine. All releases except current latest Chaotic;Head 1.23 requires Di-patch 2.5 patch or LCS patch, original 1.13 was not 100% stable and it was recommended then to use just Di-patch 2.5 instead, later releases improve stability and add in minor translation changes and bug fixes. Sadly 1.13 release is not found anywhere. Latest Chaotic;Head 1.23 is compatible with Chaos;Head DMM downloadable version and Retail release with LCS patch.

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Man thats some great documentation. That really helps considering how many patches there are. Edit - Something I just noticed is that some of the Updated patches are smaller in file size. Considering that they should be an improvement and include more content then they should be bigger in file size. Strange.