Taiyou no Ko Esteban 31 (original Japanese broadcast) [Beta 640x480 h264 AAC] [9E012642] (The Mysterious Cities of Gold)

2020-08-25 09:01 UTC
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https://shiteatersubs2.wordpress.com/ Dougo13 has graciously allowed us access to his amazing collection of Japanese broadcast recordings, some of which haven't seen the light of day in over 30 years! Today we have four more original airings of Taiyou no Ko Esteban. TV broadcaster NHK erased the original VTR (video tape recording) after their contract expired with the copyright holders, MK Company. MK Company subsequently lost the original print, so when NHK rebroadcast the series in 1998, they had to not only reimport the film print from France (the series was co-produced by French cartoon studio, DiC), but they also had to re-record all of the sound. It had to be completely recast, with only Masako Nozawa rejoining the cast as Esteban 16 years after the original audio was recorded. That makes these episodes very special. We get to hear original cast members, for example, Mami Koyama as Zia and Kenji Utsumi as Captain Gaspard. Also neat, NHK's original broadcasts included 3 minute live action documentaries about Incan and Peruvian culture called "Dr. Junpei's So That's It! Encyclopedia." These segments are also considered lost. These episodes are rare and very special finds indeed! Ripped by Dougo13 and shared with his permission. Encoded by Nanto. Thanks very much to these two outstanding gentlemen for their awesome work.

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  • Taiyou no Ko Esteban 31 (original Japanese broadcast) [Beta 640x480 h264 AAC] [9E012642].mkv (358.7 MiB)