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2020-08-19 05:46 UTC
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This is something I had sitting around on a disk for about 15 years. It's a rip of a DVD copy of a VHS fansub of Dancing Blade, which is a PS1/Dreamcast game that is entirely about playing video clips to correctly make up a story. I have not watched it all the way through so please report any problems. I also don't know who originally fansubbed it. The actual video has a black border which I cropped out of this release, leading to an odd resolution and an odd aspect ratio. It's correct as it is, as far as I can tell. This contains two episodes of Dancing Blade. It's hard to find information about this game and I'm not sure if the two episodes come from the same game or from games 1 and 2. Any information about this would be helpful. I probably won't have this up for long (and I can't have it up in the middle of the day either) but I hope some people may find it useful.

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Thanks for the gem. I still have my Dancing Blade II for the PS1 and could never find the first game so this was great~!
I couldn't find a MAL entry so I think the title is : Dancing Blade Katteni Momotenshi!
it's not on MAL because it's not an anime but a game

arromdee (uploader)

@xtenkenx : If you have one of the games, do you know if this is two animations from the same game, or one animation each from two games?
@arromdee, the second game had two discs with two different stories so my guess is the first game was also two discs with two different stories?