Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS (2020) 11 [SevensRoad] [English Subbed] [WEBRip] [HD 720p]

2020-08-19 03:14 UTC
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RoadRush its back (Now with new name because some stuff happened) So i think i should write some words about reason because ''we'' disappeared. RoadRush always was been a One-Man-Army work. MasterofOz decided start this group. He did his own times from 0 and used RedKaZero work from Neo Ark Cradle (Because they didn't want to release SEVENS, he just do it to practice his japanese and then post it inside SEVENS place inside their forum to other people can read it) inside a subtitle file to other people can enjoy it watching it together (video and sub, lmao). After 5 episodes, MasterofOz decided stop his work because he have better stuff to do in his true life (Good Luck, dude, i support you) and me his friend, decided took his work since he left it). I have from 6 until 10 finished and episode 5 refixed (well i skipped episode 7 because Red skipped it) but how this dudes without patience called TEMPSUBS appeared telling that are a temp method to fix our absence but they don't give us enough time to release our work before they do it. We can be called ourselves SevenRoadFansubs but we aren't a fansub really. I'm not a timmer and i never will be good with that. We depens from other people works before i can release something. I asked Kopajasubs boss dude to help me and in resume (Thanks, dude) i use his times and move Red work inside them) After that. as new man-for-everything, i edit their work until i am convinced about it and i call it finished work lmao. I watched a episode from tempsubs and i dont want to offend anyone but i really think our work its better, but i think people in the present, prefer speed over quality so i'm not sure who go to download this when the other dudes already posted their file. The other episodes will be released sometime in the future when me, as new man-for-everything, recheck episodes that MasterofOz did and edit them to look same than mines and then our release will be a little more consistent, then we will do a batch or something as that. So i finally decided release this episode and wait until people can decide what work they prefer. Some notes before finish text. As i said im not timmer but Kopajasub dude didn't helped me this time because i use another raw (with Hajime Segment). So maybe times are a disaster. Red still didn't release his script so i took translation from a different place and fixed most good i thought i did until i considered it finished. In resume, people can comment this and when i see so much negatives comments about my work (people like hate stuff), prob i will release a patch with my translation inside Kopajasubs times (Thanks again about it, bro) and edit this post with a patch to people can easy download it. In resume: ENJOY and dont be so mean with my work, im a really newbie (well I translated other shows for me, but no with my own times). And i don't know if i forget to mention something so no more text now. The New-Man-For-Everything from Road-Sevens Fansubs says farewell and until the next episode!

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS (2020) 11 [SevensRoadFansubs] [English Subbed] [WEBRip] [HD 720p].mkv (547.3 MiB)
thanks alot dude we appreciate ur hard work and we wait for ur future releases.
Thank you so much, we really appreciate your work <3

roadrush (uploader)

We are also always looking for those who can lend a hand. Currently, we are making due with what we have, but could really benefit from those who can translate (Japanese to English), time, and especially provide high-quality RAWs (we used to get Amazon rips from JP Prime Video from [Y-E]/[YES], but he stopped doing SEVENS). Also, shout-out to JKG for being the only consistent provider of RAWs for SEVENS. -SigTheSauceMan
Is there a discord or something we can use to track releases?