[ZRK] Summer Wars (2009) [BD 1080p FLAC][Dual-Audio]

2020-08-18 19:46 UTC
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I'm here to bring ZRK's old release of Summer Wars back into the light of day, as it seems to be the best one out there and is the only one with a surround FLAC eng track. Other than that improvement, it's pretty similar to ToishY's release. Here's the important bits: Video Track: 1080p-Hi10p h264 (Beatrice-Raws) Audio Track 1: (Default): English 5.1 FLAC Audio Track 2: Japanese 5.1 FLAC Subtitle Track 1: (Default): English ASS Songs + Signs Subtitle Track 2: English ASS Dialogue Chapters: Yes, many [Full mediainfo here!](https://pastebin.com/wgvNDRu2) ![alt text](https://files.catbox.moe/12mz1t.jpg)

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  • [ZRK] Summer Wars [BD][1080p-Hi10][Dual] [55C0CD65].mkv (9.1 GiB)
First torrent here we go!

Arcus_Deer (uploader)

First of many, I hope!
back out before its too late
**@radydragoon** Why not h265? btw if you look at the media info, this has already been encoded from 8-bit to 10-bit. Doing h265 would make it a re-encode, making the video look worse. h264 isn’t always a bad thing.

Arcus_Deer (uploader)

I plan on taking it way easier than you simplistic, I don't know enough (yet) to create good releases! I'll just continue to put archive quality torrents that are long forgotten back onto the internet for everyone to enjoy. x265 can be smaller, but it's not better in any other way imo. As ingenious mentioned, reencoding should be avoided at all costs if you want to preserve the highest quality available.
hevc is a meme codec anyway
I have a question, why is this 9 GiB? Most anime movies I've downloaded is about 1-3 GiB.

Arcus_Deer (uploader)

@Cynex This release is bigger because it doesn't compromise on video or audio quality by reencoding them to small sizes and formats. Popular releases (like the ones you've been downloading) are easier to download due to their size, but look and sound worse and usually don't have the best quality subs either.
why kodi always play the video stereo and not 5.1
great quality! One suggestion might be to color the subtitles differently than black and white. The web scenes use a bright white background, which make the subtitles blend in and difficult to read
Requesting a seed, Thank You !
@valid lol no get a pc