[Refugee Subs] Wu Shan Wu Xing - Fog Hill of Five Elements (WEB 1080p)

2020-08-18 12:48 UTC
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It's finally here. It's our first time doing this, so please be kind. That said, we're proud of our final product and all the work that went into it. Thanks to Bilibili, all raws have chinese hardsubs. Unfortunately, they are horribly timed, so you'll need to put up with our subs not syncing with them at all. Credits: TL: Pandavenger PR: Nimitz, Maelstrom Timing: Nimitz, Maelstrom Typesetting: Nimitz QC: Pandavenger, Nimitz, Maelstrom

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Not syncing with the chinese text or just audio? If audio I can just get the raws and re-time the subs.
We synched our subs to the audio. The Chinese subs are horribly desynced, but since they're hardcoded in, we couldn't get rid of them. That said, our english subs sync to the actual audio, so there shouldn't be any issues.
So there's no raws of this? Well, I probably doubt from any dongha that comes out.
Yeah. There are no subless raws. Bilibili has them hardcoded on, even on their website.
These are some of the best donghua fansubs I've seen yet! Great work! Really hope y'all stick around and sub more stuff... d'you have a Twitter or website or something?
Nope, we banded together for this project because a) no one was subbing it b) the ep 1 subs on the site were a crime against humanity Due to it taking way more time than expected and our busy schedules, idk how much more we'll do. Most other projects already have sub groups and we're not exactly fast.... We may continue to do Fog Hill as more episodes are released, but we have nothing planned right now.
thank you is there a specific date of releas to the rest of the episodes
Unfortunately, no.
Hey, may i know the method that you all downloaded the videos from bilibili? Cause as far as i know, bilibili have lowered the resolution/frame rate for non-VIPs.
@jaafarzoro FYI, the animation team took 4 years just to produce these 3 episodes so....
@ggttettan lol I have no clue. Just got the best raws from nyaa.
Will bluray be released? Or a better version without a Chinese hard translation This is the final version Is this possible KUIYU CHOUYUAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuoxHdZgF2M
@ggttettan thats a whole life time didnt know that
Lol, when we can expect new episodes? It was so rushed and so unfinished.


Episode 4 will release late 2021 here preview youtube.com/watch?v=eVBAzptp8VI